Anaheim’s ComicCon Opens

Anaheim ComicCon 2010 (c)

Looking to channel your inner geek this weekend?  Come to the Anaheim ComicCon at the Anaheim Convention Center.  It’s a smaller version than the massive show in San Diego every July but the crowds were pretty good Friday afternoon.

The city of Anaheim is making a big play to attract the main show from San Diego when that lease expires in the next few years.  There were no issues with parking and the facilities at the Anaheim Convention Center were pretty good.  Imagine the economic impact of 125,000 people a day for four days in Orange County every summer and you’ll know why Anaheim needs to make a good pitch for this show.

Go online here to buy your tickets in advance. And bring your camera!  Enjoy some of the shots below.

Star Trek actress Nichelle Nichols

Anaheim CiomicCon 2010 (c) TheLiberalOC

Anaheim ComicCon 2010 (c) TheLiberalOC

Anaheim ComicCon 2010 (c)TheLiberalOC

Comics at the Anaheim ComicCon 2010 (c)

Evil Cheerleaders at Anaheim's ComicCon 2010 (c) TheLiberalOC

Suicide Girls with R2D2 at Anaheim ComicCon 2010 (c) TheLiberalOC

By all means, come in costume (c) TheLiberalOC

LiberalOC blogger Dan Chmielewski and Baywatch actress Erika Eleniak (c) TheLiberalOC

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