Tonite: Drinking Liberally Santa Ana – An Anti-Tea Party

Tax Day Protester - Santa Ana, CA

As most of you know, the Boston Tea Party was a revolt against corporate greed. The only connection to taxes was that the King had imposed a tax on tea to benefit the monopoly of the British East India Company.

On April 15th, we recognize that we have the obligation to pay our taxes. That’s the price for democratic representation. Whether we like what they do or not, we are only entitled to the government we elect.

As we do every week, tonight we hold our Drinking Liberally gathering in Santa Ana. In response to the rallies of people across the country who have been fooled, by an astro-turf movement created by corporate interests that care nothing about the people they are whipping up into mini-riots, we raise a glass to democracy. We are not loosing it. We are actually gaining it back, bit by bit, through the efforts of a few bold Democrats in Congress working to free us from the grip of corporate control of our government and elected officials.

So join us tonight, as we join thousands of Liberals across our country, to raise a glass to freedom. Tonight we raise our glasses in celebration of small steps of progress, rather than throwing our values and freedom overboard like crates of tea.

See you at Memphis at the Santora in Santa Ana. 8:30 p.m.

  2 comments for “Tonite: Drinking Liberally Santa Ana – An Anti-Tea Party

  1. Eric Cooper
    April 15, 2010 at 4:39 pm

    Boycott OC Nissan, sponsors of the Tea Party in Irvine today

  2. David
    April 16, 2010 at 6:39 am

    What a joke. The Tea Party was over corporate greed? Are you kidding? Is that your final answer? People please, start learning American history. I’m all for paying taxes. But when my income tax goes to paying just the interest on the national debt, something is very wrong. We have a 12 TRILLION dollar DEFICIT!
    We are headed for stormy seas. Our economy WILL collapse, just as your house would if your where in debt, and continued to spend. If you converted dollars
    into seconds, it would take 11 1/2 days to count a million seconds. A billion seconds 32 years. A TRILLION? 32 thousand, that’s right, 32,000 years.

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