Lost in Translation?

The biggest non-story in the OC political blogsphere is the defense of Orange Joke bloggers Art Pedroza and Sean Mill that Santa Ana Mayor Pro-Tem Claudia Alvarez mis-spoke by referral to the attacks of 9/11 as an “accident” by claiming there is some sort of Spanish-to-English translation.  So , of course, we’re going to write about it.

My own Spanish was limited to two years in middle school and I know enough to associate the word “pendejo” with Mr. Pedroza, but to claim and defend Ms. Alvarez’s knowledge of the Spanish language by claiming 9/11 was an accidental plane crash is laughable.

I offer this page for her use and Art’s use.

s. terrorismo, salvajismo



 English_Spanish by Jaime Aguirre



 An English-Spanish Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 10.2

(n.) = terrorismo
Ex: The US government, a prolific producer of information on terrorism offers varied sources for research on many aspects of this worldwide problem.
* agroterrorism = agroterrorismo
* bioterrorism = bioterrorismo
* counterterrorism = contraterrorismo
* cyberterrorism = ciberterrorismo, terrorismo cibernético
* international terrorism = terrorismo internacional
* nuclear terrorism = terrorismo nuclear
* terrorism act = ley antiterrorista
* war against terrorism = guerra contra el terrorismo
* war on terrorism = guerra contra el terrorismo

 English-Spanish Online Dictionaries


So what Claudia should have said, in her native tongue, was “9/11 ataque terrorista contra los Estadios Unidos.”

I wonder if Alvarez has forgiven Pedroza for dozens of references to her as “Clownia” over the years?

Strangly, Art takes us to task for our support of AD-70 assembly candidate Melissa Fox and wonders what Melissa would think of our crticism of Ms. Alvarez’s comments.  Fox has nothing to do with this situation. 

But perhaps Pedroza ought to ask Santa Ana Council member Michelle Martinez about Alavrez’s references to her as a “drug dealer” during the 2008 campaign?  Isn’t that a tad more relevant?  Is there any quibbling over the reference of “drug dealer” in Spanish.  Oh, that would be “narcotraficante’.”

Or perhaps Alavrez had another verbal accident that was lost in transaltion.

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  1. junior
    April 14, 2010 at 1:37 pm

    No doubt Ms. Alvarez suffers from diarrhea of the mouth.

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