Ken Calvert Corruption Chronicles – Episode 7: Your Tax Dollars at Work

The Ken Calvert Corruption Chronicles are weekly reviews of Ken Calvert’s 18 years in Congress.  The series looks into Calvert’s record of hypocrisy, extremism and corruption. 

Episode 7: Your Tax Dollars at Work

Congressman Ken Calvert

In 2009, Ken Calvert spent $352,433.07 of your taxpayer dollars on mail from his Washington office.  That places him 9th out of 435 members of Congress for highest amount of taxpayer dollars spent on Congressional mail, phone calls, voicemails, and emails.

Since his near defeat in 2008, Ken Calvert has deluged our mailboxes, voicemails, and email accounts with ‘newsletters’ and ‘breaking news’ from his office. One day I personally received four communications – two snail mail, one voicemail, one email – all of which were to inform me that the Democratic Party is wasting taxpayer money on frivolous things like health care and job creation.  And also something about emergency kits and Delta Smelt.

This excessive use of ‘free’ Congressional mail and other communications is a real waste of taxpayer dollars.  It is nothing more than another desperate attempt by an out-of-touch Congressman to try and save his seat in November.

But you can’t make up for 18 years of absenteeism with six months of mail.  And

you can’t make up for 18 years worth of neglect with 18 months worth of campaigning.

Nearly losing in the last election was a wake-up call for Ken Calvert that we are now paying for – literally.  This new found interest in communication with residents is calculated and insincere.  I’m not buying what Calvert paid for with our money. 

I hope he gets the message.


Bill Hedrick

Bill Hedrick has been a public school teacher for 35 years and, as a member of the Corona-Norco Board of Education, has helped lead California’s 8th largest school district for 22 years, improving the education of 53,000 children.  With a grassroots campaign and no national support, Bill came within less than two percentage points of unseating 16-year incumbent Rep. Ken Calvert in 2008.  Bill is running again to fight wasteful spending and corruption and to bring real leadership – leadership we can trust – to the people of California’s 44th Congressional District.