Justice John Paul Stevens announces Retirement from Supreme Court

Justice John Paul Stevens, one of the oldest members of the Supreme Court, has announced he will step down thsi summer.  Elections have consequences and this blog certainly hopes President Obama will find another justice who will carry on in the tradition of John Paul Stevens.

Here’s a statement from Speaker Nancy Pelosi on the retirement announcement:

Washington, D.C. — Speaker Nancy Pelosi released the following statement in response to the retirement announcement of Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens:

 “When Justice John Paul Stevens retires at the end of this term, the Supreme Court will lose a voice of reason, passion, and good judgment.  For 35 years, Justice Stevens has remained faithful to the basic role of a Supreme Court Justice – in his words, ‘to decide cases and resolve controversies.’  And at every turn, he brought his unparalleled wisdom and intelligence to each case and controversy, preserving the rights of the individual, protecting the rule of law, and upholding our nation’s founding principles.

 “Justice Stevens’ dedication to the Court was matched only by his commitment to public service and the core tenets of our Constitution.  In supporting the Court’s decisions on habeas corpus and detainees held at Guantanamo Bay, he insisted – even in times of crisis – that America live by its ideals and adhere to its fundamental values.  Over the course of his extraordinary career, he never wavered in defense of our civil liberties, in his belief that America is strong enough to protect the right of every citizen to speak and assemble, and in his respect for the work of the legislative branch.

 “History will remember Justice Stevens for his brilliant legal mind, his devotion to the judiciary, and his achievements as a guardian of our Constitution.  I look forward to the President nominating an individual who carries on Justice Stevens’ legacy, who stands for justice, equality, and opportunity for all, and who keeps faith with the Supreme Court’s role as a defender of individual rights.”