Jordan Brandman Fundraiser a Big Success

Jordan Brandman

Yesterday I attended Bi-Partisan Schmooze Fest 2010 Also known as the kickoff for Jordan Brandman’s re-election campaign to the Anaheim Union High School District Board of Trustees. From the moment I pulled into the parking lot, it was clear what a diverse crowd it was going to be, as I saw Democratic RSCCD Trustee and my good friend John Hanna walking up and Republican Orange Mayor Caroline Cavecche also arriving. To even give more of a visual at what a diverse crowd it was, GLBT activist Jeff LeTrourneau and Red County aficionado Matt Cunningham were in attendance as well.

I had to play daddy duty and brought my son along to the event, with the promise that he would get to meet the person who wants to build the High Speed Train. My son loves trains, and not just the Thomas the Tank Engine stuff, he is really into model trains and is knowledgeable about many urban rail systems around the world, and he is only 6.

Back to the fundraiser, the list of elected officials was long and diverse. On the Democratic side, we had the Chairman Frank Barbaro, Assemblyman Jose Solorio, County Clerk Recorder Tom Daly, NOCCCD Board members Leonard Lahtinen and Mike Matsuda, OUSD Boardmember Kathy Moffat to name a few. On the Republican side there was Anaheim Mayor Curt Pringle, ACSD Board member James Vanderbilt-Linares, Supervisor Bill Campbell, AUHSD Board member Anna Piercy, just to name a few. I actually got to meet Curt Pringle for the first time, although it was my son who ended up conversing with the Mayor about high speed trains, particularly the TGV train in France.

Truly, it is a testament to just the kind of support Jordan Brandman has built over the years. People from both party’s came together to remove an anti-Latino hate monger from office and put Jordan into this seat. He is truly an asset to Anaheim. I have to say, someone is doing something right when Anaheim High School and Katella High School(who are more than 80% Latino) are succeeding while Santa Ana’s high schools are failing despite a similar student body.

Which brings me to my last note. One notable absence was Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido. Jordan Brandman got a lot of crap from people(myself included) for putting his name on the host committee for Pulido’s recent fundraiser. Jordan stuck his neck out for the guy and he couldn’t be troubled to come to Anaheim for Jordan. That’s gratitude for you.

Back to the fundraiser, so word out there is Jordan raised a wopping $35,000. That’s a lot of money in one event for a school board race. I believe he will win big in November and I was glad to have attended my good friend’s event. Good luck to you Jordan, I believe you will win.

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  1. booper
    March 31, 2010 at 10:28 pm

    Jordan Brandman sounds like a great candidate that can reach across the aisle… I’d probably vote for him if I could (but I’m not in Anaheim) 🙁

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