Anger Management or Inconsistent Ramblings?

I’d like to pay tribute this week for our number one reader of the week, Orange Joke blogger Sean H. Mill, who has read every word in our posts and comments by other readers with a jaudiced eye to call for truth, justice and the American way.  My fellow LiberalOC blogger Chris Prevatt is the target of Mill’s wrath and that’s all perfectly OK.  But is Sean right or is it just bitching?

Let’s look:

1. Sean demanded we take down a comment to a post on SAUSD that he said was libelous and untrue.  Sean copied members of the Santa Ana city council to express his outrage, threaten us with a libel suit, and mischaracterize our lawsuit against Art Pedroza.  So I had to write back and explain our lawsuit wasn’t about “anonymous” comments on OJ as Sean contended; it’s about Art cybersquatting on my business name and the name of this blog and people associated (and not associated with it), demanding $1000 to $2000 in cash for the names, giving him a web domain I own for free, and routing the URLs to gay porn and NAMBLA, an organization that advocates sex between men and adolescent boys if we didn’t comply with his demands.  I had to set the record straight for Claudia Alvarez and Sal Tinajero.  And Sean reprinted the entire comment on an Orange Joke post.  So if it’s libelous, he too has committed libel. 

Sean then wrote a post on the Orange Joke asserting that there’s a photograph of me dressed as a “pedophile priest” for Halloween and offering a cash reward for said photo.  I still have my digital camera right here and am awaiting the amount of the reward before doing the snap myself.  Art Pedroza claimed Paul Lucas is the source of this revelation which should tell you all you need to know about the truthfulness of the claim.  I have dressed up for Halloween three times in 13 years.  None of the costumes was ever priestly garb.  I did get a Monk’s robe and a “Love Guru” wig and beard so my son could be Rasputin for Halloween last year. Does that count?

If we’re going to start removing comments that are false and libelous, perhaps Sean can start by removing comments on OJ suggesting Claudio Gallegos owes a $1,000 bar tab at the Quill (debunked by the bartender and the owner of said establishment) or that there’s a sex tape of Ryan Trabuco and another man out there in the wild, not to mention that pedo-priest photo of me.

2. Sean takes Chris to task over his Q&A with the county’s public information officer, Howard Sutter, on an email Q&A regarding Hugh (pardon me, “Hieu”) Nguyen’s actual county position.  Howard attributes the information to the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, yet Sean’s focus is on the smoke and not the fire.  Sean doesn’t question the accuracy of the answers to the Q&A provided by Sutter’s office from the Clerk of the Board’s office, just the accuracy of the attribution.  Sutter answered every question and we we even added the email exchange to the post to show that the answers came from Sutter’s email.  That’s PR 101.  Running a Q&A and citing information to a person instead of an office in the form of attribution to the County’s PIO: Journalism 101.  Sean asks his readers:  Why is Prevatt claiming that he did a Q&A with Sutter if it never took place?  Why is Prevatt lying to his readers about something so small?  If he is lying about where he got the answers for his questions, what else is he lying about?  First question Sean: It did take place.  Second question: He didn’t.  Third question: Nothing.  Perhaps you should focus on the answers Chris got instead of the questions asked or the manner they were asked.  Perhaps you could focus on the fact that Hieu Nguyen tells different stories to different people, he can’t read a budget (and still hasn’t answered simple email question for “clarity” on his statements he made that Daly’s office was over budget) and is using a misleading and false ballot title that misrepresents his actual job.

3.  Sean implies this blog gives Vietnamese politicians a hard time.  The Orange Joke blog regularly accuses us of being “Jannies” – followers of First District Supervisor Janet Nguyen.  Given the love candidates like Phu Nguyen and Linh Ho have gotten from his blog, I disagree with Sean here.  Most other Vietnamese politicians in OC are Republicans and that’s how we see it first.  And I’m sorry, but Hoa Van Tran was a terrible candidate mostly because of the people that were running his campaign.  I don’t understand how we can be Jannies and anti-Vietnamese at the same time.  Likewise, Art Pedroza has another post that Chris has come out against Anaheim council candidate John Santoianni, a solid Democrat, even though Chris was a member of the host committee for Santoianni’s first fundraising event.  Since Sean has come out for Republicans Hiue Nguyen and Nevada US Senate candidate Danny Tarkanian, I don’t think Sean has a spotless record on Democratic Party support.  And I’m glad Sean brough up Hoa Van Tran, an unsuccessful first district supervisor’s candidate.  It would be nice if Mr. Van Tran could complete his candidacy filing documents to close them out. It’s only been 2-1/2 years.  Isn’t that what a good candidate should have done by now?

4.  Sean makes no bones over the fact he works in the Title industry.  He has a post on Orange Joke today about Harry Sidhu’s deeds and makes a big deal out of all Harry’s properties being listed under the name “Harish Sidhu.”  Sean doesn’t say how he’s come into possession of those deeds.  I sure hope he filed a public records request for this information with Tom Daly’s.  I sure hope Sean didn’t use the access his employer has to records like this to look into Sidhu’s background so he could write a nasty post about Sidhu.  And in that post, Sean shills for Bob Shawn Nelson, or as we called him B.S. Nelson, instead of three Democrats who are running for the seat.  Now, I am not saying Sean obtained this information unethically.  But he doesn’t say how he came about it.  Tell us Sean.

Look, I like Sean Mill.  I really do.  But he’s throwing stones at Glass Houses or he’s just so ticked off at us for the sake of being ticked off. 

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  1. Danny Tarkanian is Liberal too!
    March 20, 2010 at 12:40 am
  2. Repulsed
    March 22, 2010 at 2:50 pm

    Ya had me until the last sentence!
    How can you say you really like a guy that goes out of his way to try and destroy others by telling stories and half truths over and over again to try and *poison* others against his enemies. Useing OJ blog to endlessly attack others with rabid vengence is just sick. Disallowing those attacked to comment back is a sign of the worst kind of bully. Those of us who have known him for awhile know that his hatered for anyone that doesn’t agree with him is legend.

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