Solorio Praises Decision to Reject Bids to Sell the OC Fairgrounds

Yesterday, we received the following release from Assemblyman Solorio on the status of the state sale of the OC Fairgrounds.

SACRAMENTO, CA – In a letter to Governor Schwarzenegger dated today, Ronald Dietrich, acting director of the California’s Department of Public Services, stated that he has “rejected all bids” for the Orange County Fairgrounds.

Assemblyman Solorio submits legislation on the Assembly floor to repeal the sale of the Orange County Fairgrounds.

Assemblyman Jose Solorio, (D-Anaheim), author of legislation to stop the sale of the Orange County Fairgrounds, was pleased with the announcement. “We knew from the beginning that the process was not designed to garner the highest bid, and the local community didn’t want the fairgrounds sold at all,” Solorio said. “This is good news for the state, Costa Mesa, and all Orange County residents who enjoy the OC Fairgrounds.”

The Department of General Services was authorized to conduct an auction for the fairgrounds through AB X4 22, legislation enacted to balance the 2009-2010 budget. The proposed sale ignited a groundswell of local opposition and prompted Assemblyman Solorio to author his bill.

Katrina Foley

Costa Mesa City Council member Katrina Foley, a prominent figure in the stop-the-sale movement, praised Solorio for his efforts on all fronts to help the local community keep the fairgrounds. “It’s a bright day for Californians,” she said. “Constituents can be heard and can make a difference.”

The rejection of the bids is not the final chapter in the OC fairground sale. Diedrich said he is still committed to selling the fairgrounds and will look for “alternative means” to achieve that goal. One option could be selling the fairgrounds to local OC governments.

  2 comments for “Solorio Praises Decision to Reject Bids to Sell the OC Fairgrounds

  1. lefty
    March 18, 2010 at 9:07 am


    Many thanks to Assemblyman Soloro, Councilwoman Foley, & the many others who helped stop this outrageous debacle, a Sacramento slight, to The OC.

    Enough with greedy, short-term thinkers.

    The Fairgrounds belong to the people of California – & it should remain as such, in perpetuity.

  2. RichardfromHB
    March 18, 2010 at 10:31 am

    Neighbors should not forget that the Pacific Ampitheater is still located on the fairgrounds, but presently has few shows outside of fair days. The Fair Board (appointed by the governator or the next egov)could decide to awaken this sleeping giant at any time, or the sale could put more pressure to intensify the use of the facility by the new owner. Either way, the thousands of homes in the neighborhood lose, without an electoral remedy. Pac Amp is just an incompatiable land use for the community. The neighbors rightly give the fair a “pass”, but every weekend blow outs throughout the year should be held under the jet path at Irvine Meadows, or under the roof in the Anaheim pond.

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