Other Famous Campbell’s Our Congressman is Not

I have been meaning to get to this post for weeks (life intrudes sometimes), but Rep. John Campbell (R-No Earmarks Ever for Orange County) put out an email last month where he felt the need to clarify who he was to his own email list. And with a Hat Tip to OC Weekly, the Congressman wrote:

Clarification: I am not TOM Campbell. I am JOHN Campbell. We are not related (unless we share some kilted ancestor 1,000 years ago in a highlands bog).  He is not currently a Member of Congress, whereas I proudly represent California’s 48th Congressional District.  He is running for U.S. Senate from California. I am not.  There seems to be lots of confusion out there so I wanted to set the record straight. I am also younger and better looking. (-;

Note that emoticon! 

So, I starting thinking.  What other Camnpbells have had a more lasting impact on Orange County voters.  Here’s my list:

There is hot model Naomi Campbell.

Actress Neve Campbell

Former NFL great Earl Campbell

Country star Glen Campbell

And my favorite, B-movie actor Bruce Campbell.

Chances are you know more about what these Campbells have done in their careers than our own Congressman.  Naomi Campbell has graced a number of magazine covers.  Neve Campbell was our Scream queen.  Earl Campbell won a Heisman Trophy for Texas and was a crushing fullback for the Houston Oilers.  Glen Campbell was a Rhonestone Cowboy who knew Jesus before he was a SuperStar.  And Bruce Campbell is one of the greatest actors of his generation (and Army of Darkness remains one of my favorite flicks).  If I’m missing any, please let me know….

But other than vote no on any bill to help Orange County, can anyone name something John Campbell has done in his 5 years in Congress?