Continued Harassment of Fourth District BoS Candidates Continues

Anaheim city council member and candidate Lorri Galloway has made no secret about her new home in the Fourth District, hosting fundraisers there where voters can get to know the candidate better and ask questions for a personal response.  But an invitation to a candidate’s home is one thing – a series of drive-bys and unwanted phone messages is quite another. 

Galloway tells TheLiberalOC that she has received a number of unwanted phone calls from someone using a number belonging to a “Richard Zavala of Placentia” and the vast majority of messages don’t show a return phone number via caller ID.  The messages reference Galloway’s “Lorri in 4th Gear” videos and the FFFF blog which has been hypercritical of Galloway.  “Richard” makes it plain he’s a reader and a fan of Tony’s Bushala’s Fringe blog in Fullerton.

Now elected officials do get calls at their home from their constituents at night.  That’s a given.  But serial harassment of an elected official at their home and via telephone is against the law. 

According to Lorri, “Richard” has allegedly left messages that leave all sorts of derogatory and defamatory names for Galloway and references her “corrupt associations” in Anaheim without being specific.  Since Lorri is in the business of dealing with abusers, stalkers, and other creeps who prey on and victimize women, she did the right thing and kept records of the messages.  The numbers used a Northern California area code, making them hard to trace back to a source here in OC.

 But “Richard” did make a tactical error and appears to have called from a location where the Caller ID revealed the number.  Galloway reports she called the number and the voice message on that line is identical to the voice left on her answering service.  The stored messages and phones numbers have been reported to the Anaheim Police Department which is investigating the case.  We’re working on an MP3 of some of Richard’s voice messages and will post it once we get it produced.

Galloway is a legal resident of the fourth district and is eligible to run for office there.  The same is true of the GOP endorsed candidate Harry Sidhu.  As an Anaheim city council member, she already represents a significant number of voters in the Fourth District.  Bushala’s blog seems to equate the practice of “carpetbagging” with something approaching mass murder.  He and fellow bloggers are coming out hard for Robert Shawn Nelson (let’s just call him “Bob Nelson”), a Republican candidate so inept that despite the endorsement of State Ass. Chris Norby, “Bob” couldn’t garner the endorsement of local Republicans. 

Is it me, or is it just creepy that “Richard” and Tony Bushala spend their time stalking candidates for office?  In Lorri’s case, she did the perfectly appropriate thing.  Frankly, this is what any woman who is the subject of unwanted and harassing phone calls should do.  Document the evidence and report it.  There are laws against harassing public officials in their homes.   And perhaps that’s all the caller had in mind, but too often, telephonic harassment can evolve to something far worse. 

And before the Ministry of Truth that is Tony’s blog tries to defend this telephonic stalking as ”something a reporter does,” reporters don’t do this.  Reporters who do call an elected official at home always identify who they are and the publication they are calling from (as well as a short description of the story they are writing).  The caller did none of this.  But he did slip up.  And let’s see how Anaheim PD responds. 

What’s clear is Lorri is the only Democrat in the race with a chance to win.  Should Harry Sidhu and Bob Nelson split that GOP vote, Lorri can take this seat.  And I have no doubt she’d represent the interests of voters in the district well.

We spoke with Lorri while she was wrapping up filing her papers at the Registrar of Voters; she’s in!

More importantly, if people like Richard are backing Bob Nelson, what does that say about Nelson’s candidacy?

  7 comments for “Continued Harassment of Fourth District BoS Candidates Continues

  1. Mathew Cunningham
    March 9, 2010 at 3:39 pm

    This is the same guy who used to comment on OJ and FFFF as “Schwarzenegger Centrist Republican.” I know who he is.

  2. Not Today
    March 9, 2010 at 3:53 pm

    Who is Bob Nelson? I thought Shawn Nelson was the one winning err running in the 4th District.

  3. March 9, 2010 at 3:58 pm

    Robert Shawn Nelson is his real name. We call him Bob, since one of his supportes insists on calling Harry Sidhu “Harish.”

    • Matthew Cunningham
      March 9, 2010 at 4:35 pm

      Sean Mill, who is quick to point out perceived racism in folks he dislikes, has taken to calling Sidhu “Harish.”

      Mill also knows all about Zavala…not that he did anything about it.

  4. March 9, 2010 at 4:33 pm

    I do not like Lorri, but hassling her by phone is immature at best. I hope the cops get him. What shocks me is they caught her at that 5 Points phone number. By the way, when you see her, tell her she left the timer on for the lights at Lincoln and East, a timer that was NOT there before she rented the non-home prior to her current “home”.

  5. March 9, 2010 at 10:35 pm

    I spoke to Richard. He called her campaign number, once. He never called her home number, that is a straight up lie.

    He left a message questioning why she had no platform, no experience in the major issues facing the Board of Supervisors, and he questioned why she took money from the Taorminas.

    He wasn’t threatening her. He was voicing his opinion, which is shared by many.

    Since when is it illegal to call campaign numbers and question the competence of carpetbagger candidates?

    Zavala is not the bad guy. Galloway however is a horrible candidate.

    By the way, you guys posted the home address of Cecilia Iglesias and never apologized for that. Nice.

  6. Dan Chmielewski
    March 10, 2010 at 11:49 am

    Art — Thanks for confirming for us that \Richard Zavala\ is a real person and for confirming that Richard in fact did place a call.

    And so you know, I just came back from seeing Lorri and I’ve recorded the two calls made to her home phone. We’ll be posting the videos with the clearly recorded voice messages. It wasn’t a single message and its clearly a harrassing call form someone who had the cojones to call but not leave a name and number.

    We have his number.

    And I missed your post about me being sued for libel since you took it down so quickly. But re-read the post. You’ll bhe hard pressed to find any unattributed information or anything that’s untruthful. I realize you’re just dying for someone to sue me, but unlike so many of your posts on OJ, this post doesn’t come close to libeling anyone.

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