Los Amigos to Seek Grand Jury Investigation

One week after the story broke on the smear campaign in Rumores newspaper, the common citizens of Los Amigos, a Latino advocacy group who meets at the Jaugerhaus every Wednesday morning, are seeking a Grand Jury investigation of longtime Santa ana Mayor Miguel Pulido. The want the Grand Jury to focus on the confilict of interest in regards to a recent article in the OC Weekly on Mayor Pulido’s alleged connections to the vending truck industry.

Definitely they have upped the ante from the recent attacks in Rumores. To be fair, Los Amigos did invite Mayor Pulido to come and explain his side of the story to them, but like he usually does with anyone not presenting him a check, he  chose to ignore them.

What will be interesting to watch is if the Orange County Grand Jury does decide to investigate. Although the Grand Jury cannot formally press charges unless the DA asks them too, their findings could put Rackauckas between a rock and a hard place. The Grand Jury has broad powers to subpoena anyone they wish in regards to the case and investigate information on other acts of misbehavior. Mike Carona is an example of this, where they dug up more crimes he had committed. Bill Clinton is another example of this, when the Grand Jury exonerated him of the wrongdoing they were charged to investigate but found he had cheated on his wife. Let us hope the Grand Jury finds real evidence like the former and not frivilous actions like the latter example.

As I have stated before, watching the Mayor and his actions the last five years, I believe he has is hand in more cookie jars than he wants us to know. One has to wonder if the vending truck issue is really just the tip of the iceberg. If it is, The Grand Jury has the power to find out.  These actions demonstrate a Mayor who seems to be ignoring the needs of the many to please the few. Stay tuned, this Mayor’s race is going to get more and more interesting by the week, I can feel it in my bones.