Jerry Brown to Enter Gubernatorial Race “Very, Very” Soon

Late last week, the Brown camp emailed supporters that California Attorney General Jerry Brown will formally announce his candidacy for governor “very, very” soon.

And on Saturday, February 27th, Brown responded to San Francisco’s KGO radio interviewers when they asked about his “very, very soon” comment, “Put another ‘very’ on that.” has also learned that last week, the call went out from the Brown camp to its larger donors and usual sponsors to get planned donations in as soon as possible… presumably so that the campaign can report higher coffers when he formally throws his hat into the gubernatorial ring. At last report, the Jerry Brown campaign held $12 million in usable funds.

Since mayors Gavin Newsom of San Francisco and Antonio Villaraigosa of Los Angeles removed their names from contention, Brown is the only (known) viable Democratic candidate contemplating a 2010 run for California governor.

The two top Republican candidates, Meg Whitman, former eBay CEO, and Steve Poizner, California Insurance Commissioner, face-off in the June 8, 2010 primary. Whitman is expected to prevail, and has already been running expensive, super-slick ads touting her blurry, feel-good vision for the state.

Whitman, a New York native who has never held either elective or appointed political office, is a billionaire, owing to her ten years at the helm of eBay.

Jerry Brown, born in San Francisco, has devoted his career to public service in California, including:

  • California Secretary of State – 1971-75
  • California Governor – 1975-83
  • Mayor of Oakland – 1998-2006
  • California Attorney General – 2007-present

About his potential rivals, Brown lamented in the KGO interview, We’re in our biggest crisis of all times and we want to get somebody who knows what the heck he’s doing.”

Brown laughingly added that his announcement will be in “a very eloquent, sufficient, memorable manner… I got to kind of do it my own way here, so that it works.” predicts that Jerry Brown will announce his candidacy as early as tomorrow, March 1st, but apparently far ahead of the March 12, 2010 filing deadline.

  2 comments for “Jerry Brown to Enter Gubernatorial Race “Very, Very” Soon

  1. Eric Cooper
    February 28, 2010 at 6:58 pm

    I am voting for Brown..BUT–he should have gotten in much sooner. Whitman is far ahead in the ad campaign at this point.

  2. Corby
    February 28, 2010 at 7:58 pm

    Brown’s going to get his ass handed to him.

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