Anaheim Makes a Pitch for ComicCon

ComicCon 2009 (c) 2009, The

San Diego’s annual ComicCon convention draws 120,000 people a day for a four event event in late July every year, and hurry and buy your tickets now True Believers, because tickets are nearly sold out.  Anaheim officials have made their pitch for ComicCon when the lease expires in 2013.

For the uninitiated, ComicCon is a mecca of comic books, artists, writers, stars, directors, authors covering the gamet of super heroes, science fiction, fantasy and anime.  Adults channel their inner superhero and dress up in costume.  The autograph section lets fans meet their stars and get autographs.  It’s fun.  My kids and I go every year.  And I, for one, welcome a move to Anaheim.

ComicCon 2009, (c) The, 2009

The move to Anaheim makes sense for a number of reasons.  Parking around the San Diego Convention Center is a challenge.  Hollywood’s influence over the show means to trip to Orange County is a lot easier to make than a trip to San Diego.  The Anaheim Convention Center has demonstrated an ability to put on a ComicCon-styled show with the D23 Expo, a sort of ComicCon for all things Disney.  Anaheim has also served as a host to the Anime Expo.  Proximity to airports in OC, Long Beach, LAX and Ontario make it easier for out-of-towners to come to Anaheim too.

There are smaller, more regional ComicCons around the country, but true fans know the big one is the July event in San Diego.

Snagging ComicCon would be a huge win for Anaheim and Orange County.  We’re rooting for those involved in bringing the show here.  Enjoy the shots below.

ComicCon 2009, (c) 2009, The

Dan Chmielewski posted with Tanya Roberts, the only woman to be a Bond Girl and a Charlie's Angel (c) 2009,

"Live Long and Prosper" Dan with Leonard Nimoy at ComicCon 2009 (c)

Stan "The Man" Lee at ComicCon 2008 (c) 2008, Dan Chmielewski

  2 comments for “Anaheim Makes a Pitch for ComicCon

  1. Danielle Adams
    February 25, 2010 at 11:57 am

    I would be so happy if Comic Con would move up here to Anaheim. I have not been able to go the last couple years and have missed it. The Anaheim Convention Center is the biggest Convention center on the West Coast next to Vegas(and who the hell wants to go to Vegas in July).

  2. Phil
    February 25, 2010 at 11:08 pm

    I, of course, would go.

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