CleanTechOC debuts

A new trade associaton forms to bring public, private-sector and academia to foster local growth in the new green and clean technology economies.

Here’s the press release:

CleanTech OC Launches with Goal to Make Orange County a National Leader in the New Clean Technology Economy

New Trade Association Targets More Than 200 OC-based Clean Technology Companies

IRVINE, Calif., February 24, 2010 – CleanTech OC, a new trade association created to support more than 200 clean technology companies in Orange County, today announced the organization’s formation and leadership.  CleanTech OC will seek to establish Orange County as a center of clean technology innovation, investment, research and development, environmental improvement, and job creation for tomorrow’s green economy.  Specifically, CleanTech OC will focus on companies involved in renewable energy generation, resource conservation, green buildings and green chemistry, and alternative fuel vehicles.

CleanTech OC announced the organization’s leadership, including its Board of Directors.   CleanTech OC is co-chaired by Miguel Pulido, the Mayor of Santa Ana, and Gregory Trimarche, a Partner at Bryan Cave LLP in Irvine.  Pulido serves on the board of the South Coast Air Quality Management District and is chairman of the US Conference of Mayors energy committee.  Trimarche leads Bryan Cave’s Orange County litigation, government affairs, and environmental client service groups and is a leading voice for clean technology issues in California.  Among other things, he has served as a Chair of the Environmental Law Section of the State Bar of California.

CleanTech OC’s Board of Directors include Pulido, Trimarche, Orange County Supervisor Bill Campbell, Anaheim Mayor Curt Pringle, Irvine Mayor Sukhee Kang, Huntington Beach Mayor Cathy Green,  and Bonnie Reiss, the newly appointed secretary of education for the State of California , as well as representatives from Bryan Cave LLP, KPMG, Southern California Edison, Sempra Energy, Brandman University, Environ Corporation, SAIL Venture Partners, Roth Capital Partners, Pegasus Capital Advisors, and Squar Milner.  Several additional Founding Sponsors will be announced in the weeks ahead.  CleanTech OC’s offices will be housed at Brandman University in Irvine, California, the new affiliate of Chapman University.

Mike Levin, an attorney with Bryan Cave LLP, will serve as the organization’s Executive Director.  Levin specializes in clean technology, energy and environmental issues.  He was previously a vice president of a clean technology company in Silicon Valley.

“With Mayor Pulido’s background in engineering and passion for clean technology, combined with Mr. Trimarche’s reputation as one of California’s leading environmental lawyers, we believe CleanTech OC has a strong leadership team in place to set the direction for this new organization,” said Mike Levin, CleanTech OC Executive Director.  CleanTech OC has created partnerships with three recognized consulting firms, DMedia, Forde & Mollrich, and Madison Alexander Public Relations. These organizations will coordinate CleanTech OC’s strategic outreach and creative direction. 

Organizations and individuals interested in membership should contact Mike Levin at 949-223-7133 or email  For more information, visit

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