OCSD’s Damon Micalizzi moves on to Yorba Linda Water District

As someone with a day job in public relations,  it’s always a pleasure to work with a true professional in the field.  And Damon Micalizzi is such a person, having handled media relations for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department for the past few years.  Damon is leaving the department and taking a new position with the Yorba Linda Water Disrict where he’ll be putting his considerable talents to work.

It’s popular to be critical of any and all government employees, and it’s also typically pretty unfair.  Damon represents one of the best in his field.  He returns calls quickly. He provides access to key management. He understands deadlines.  He’s an outstanding writer. And, he’s someone who has earned the respect and trust of the OC media and blogsphere regardless of any particular political persuasion. 

We wish him well in his new job and want to credit that intelligence of the person at the Yorba Linda Water District who made the hire.  Nicely done.

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  1. February 18, 2010 at 8:30 pm

    It was a real pleasure, for me as well, to work with Damon. He’s the type of person to work with that made the current task fun and when it was done there wasn’t any feeling of “thank goodness and I hope I never see that guy again” – if you know what I mean? Sorry to see him go – but I wish him nothing but success, good health and happiness in his new assignment.

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