Rocco’s Back – Election season just got more interesting

Steve Rocco - OCRegister File Photo

Steve Rocco, former Orange School District Trustee and convicted ketchup theif has filed paperwork to run for Orange County Public Administrator. Having lost his campaign for Santa Ana City Council in 2008 many thought they had seen the last of this character’s name on the ballot.

It looks like all of OC is going to get to know this guy’s name. The Public Administrator job is one of the twelve county-wide elected offices. The position is currently held by John Williams, also a South Orange County Community College District Trustee, who has ruled over a mismanaged and scandal plagued Public Administrator/Public Guardian office.

One of Williams’ former employees, paralegal Colleen Callahan, and Kevin Vann are also in the race. The Register’s Jennifer Muir reports that:

The county’s public administrator is charged with protecting the assets and managing the affairs who have died but have no qualified heirs to oversee their estates. The elected public administrator also becomes the defacto public guardian — an office that investigates and oversees the care and estates of people, usually the elderly and mentally ill, who are unable to care for themselves.

Space Commander Pedroza

Now all we need is for Art Pedroza to jump into the race and we can have a full circus. Pedroza ran unsuccessfully for the same city council seat  as Rocco in 2008 placing ahead of him by just under 1,000 votes. Pedroza lost to incumbent Councilman Carlos Bustamante by more than 16,000 votes.

Just think, we could have the ketchup stealing Rocco and the pederasty promoting Pedroza together again.

Oh the horror. 🙂