The Anti-Tax man Cometh! Richard”Tax-Cheat” Chavez Responds with Scathing words for Daly

Tom Daly already had an impressive list of supporters, but now he can unequivocally state that he is detested by Richard “Tax Cheat” Chavez, that might come in handy should anyone inquire about what those in the criminal community think about him.

Chavez commented on this post, which listed the release of Tom Daly’s endorsements. (If you take a quick look at that list you’ll see that Clerk Recorder Daly has amassed an impressive list of supporters, including Fullerton Council-member Quirk-Silva, and one of the most well respected men in the OC Democratic community, Rancho Santiago Community College Board Trustee John Hanna)

Endorsements of this magnitude did not sit well with Chavez, no sir. He went on to blame just about everything he possibly could, and then some on Daly and his stint as Anaheim Mayor. Everything from problems at the Eli home, to the Angles name change was applied to Daly in a very weak, very ill-though out, blanket smear. He wrote an entire paragraph about the Eli home, yet somehow forgot to mention his little… troubles regarding that place, which you can read about here and here.

I wonder how many 4th Supes voters Richard Chavez will be able to bring to the Carpetbagger column?

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  1. Richard Chavez
    February 11, 2010 at 10:51 am

    Steve, your infantile behavior is not conducive for worthy political dialog. In fact, your sophomoric style is detrimental to how progressive liberals are viewed here in Orange County. The OC Liberal deserves better.

    You can pout, hold your breath and turn blue if you’d like. But your childish methods have no impact on the facts. In fact, the the points I brought up in my post are indisputable, supported by public records.

    You mention Sharon Quirk and John Hanna; I think they are very honorable people and I consider them friends. But, they weren’t in Anaheim in the 90’s when Daly was Mayor. When Daly served on the Anaheim City Council, I served Anaheim as a Firefighter/Paramedic, as President of the Anaheim Firefighters Union, as a Vice-President on the Orange County Central Labor Council, as a member of Los Amigos of Orange County, and as volunteer Board Member of the Eli Home for Abused Children. When Daly left office, I served as a Councilmember and Mayor Pro Tem for 3 of the 4 years. It’s odd, but during these years I don’t remember ever seeing or hearing from you Steve. My guess is that you didn’t live in Anaheim, or perhaps you were in kinder garden.

    You can defend Tom Daly’s dismal failures as an Elected Democrat if you’d like. But I was there Steve. The Latino community and the Arab/Muslim community were routinely harassed and discriminated against, the majority of Anaheim employee groups were at war with Tom Daly, and there was an extreme housing shortage for the working poor in Anaheim. In fact, a child starved to death in Anaheim while he served as Mayor. Tom Daly never spoke up once – not once – for her, for the Latino Community, for the other ethnic groups, for the poor of Anaheim, for Unions. In fact, many times he acted in manner that further exacerbated the hardship that many needing help faced.

    Defend him if you wish Steve, the facts don’t change. Tom Daly doesn’t deserve the support of the many of the good people that have endorsed him.

  2. Claudio
    February 11, 2010 at 2:23 pm

    So it is now the fault of Tom Daly and Lou COrrea that Samantha died. And you are the one who brough it up Richard, not us. If you guys don’t want Samantha mentioned, stop bringing her up!

  3. February 11, 2010 at 5:18 pm

    Those folks you mention were not in Anaheim at the time, but I was. I was born here in 1966, in a hospital that is now the site of affordable housing. I have seen this City at its absolute worst (before the Resort District was formed) and I am proud of where it is heading today, although it still needs some innovative thinkers who can put the people ahead of their own pockets. So let me set the record straight.
    While you may have been a Union leader under Daly, it is the job of the Fire Chief (as department head) to bring needs of the department to Daly. So you beef is not with the Mayor, it should be with your Chief. Tom Daly created a fabulous balance of generating benefits and services for the community without giving the Unions an unfair percentage of our general fund. That is exactly the kind of leadership I am looking for in a County Supe. He can take Union money without selling his soul to you, and THAT is something your boss Lorri cannot say for herself!
    When you say the Latino community was harassed, do you mean the Gigante fiasco that I have seen blogged about elsewhere? Because it was YOUR side that made that a racial issue! Background: A neighborhood in West Anaheim was having a LOT of problems related to alcohol and abusive behavior. A supermarket with no track record in the US came in wanting to add yet another liquor license to a distressed area. There was already a store in the area (Smart N Final) that sold alcohol by the case for home consumption. Gigante wanted to sell the smaller quantities like 32 ouncers that create problems on street corners.
    The Planning Commission upheld the recommendations of the ABC Board to deny the license. It was a bad fit for an area already fighting off problems. Gigante had the stones to pull out the race card and claim that they were being denied because of their ethnic consumer base. Gigante refused to be the good neighbors and see what they could do to work with the community to resolve the issues. Daly wanted to stand up for the neighborhood, he has an awesome track record for denying those single unit alcohol sales in residential areas. When he had to abstain, the rest of the Council chickened out and passed the permit. There were all kinds of problems added to the area, abandoned Gigante carts, (until the City stepped in and forced them to lock them up) and empty beer bottles, mixed with public urination, etc. Gigante finally left the location, there is something else there now. I stopped tracking the area, not sure how they are doing now. But Tom Daly was right to stand up to Gigante, and I recall it because it was the first time I ever spoke at a Council meeting, (terrified) and that is the night I met Gustavo Arrellano, who will tell you I was right. Gigante made race an issue, Daly did not.

    As far as Baby Samantha, if YOU knew her circumstances, Richard Chavez and Lorri Galloway, what did YOU do to save her?! Maybe you called authorities, but did you follow up? I would have been down at County, Police, anywhere that I thought someone would listen to me, screaming, and screaming until someone did something. YOU knew, and YOU let her die, stop blaming others. While on City Council, what did you and Lorri do to stop people from living in the same conditions as Samantha’s family? The Freedom Friendly government (slumlord friendly government) shoved down the throats of honest hardworking citizens by the voting blocks of Pringle, Tait, Chavez, Galloway removed Code Enforcement’s ability to go in and fix conditions that killed Samantha. What did YOU do to make it better? Attend more fundraisers for the Eli Home? When was the last time those books were audited to show that money is really going to programs, not salaries?

    Richard, you claim that you and Lorri built affordable housing, but YOU were the one who pulled the DDA for Elm Street Commons from the Consent Calendar, and together with Lorri Galloway you cranked up the developer’s profits from the usual and customary 15% to a whopping and unprecedented 50%! Curt Pringle begged you not to do it, pointing out that you were GIVING AWAY money that was meant for the poor! That same developer thanked you and Lorri with IEs during your campaigns. You stripped money from those you claim to protect, to be paid back in political favors. Anyone interested can check the Council meeting of November 28, 2006.
    Tom Daly deserves the respect and support of everyone in Anaheim who remembers how he put residents first and his political career second, unlike those who currently serve who just cut deals for themselves on the backs of Anaheim’s people! You, Richard Chavez, are the last man on earth to be telling the people of the 4th District about what is honorable and decent.
    You want to go head to head on what happened here in Anaheim when Tom was in charge vs. when you were busy bleeding Anaheim dry? You bring it on!

  4. February 11, 2010 at 8:29 pm

    For our friend Art Pedroza, who wrote a post on OJ about Chavez’s response, and obviously still reads us everyday — be a man and stop avoiding the process server. Stop hiding from a woman behind your children. Hiding just proves you are only brave behind a keyboard. See you in court.

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