Will the Tax-Cheat Endorse the Carpetbagger?

Curious minds in Anaheim, be they liberal or conservative want to know, will Richard “The Tax Cheat” Chavez pop back into the scene to the aid of his long-time accomplice…erm I mean political ally Lorri Galloway?

For those of you that don’t remember, Richard Chavez was on the Anaheim City Council up until 2006, when the loser lost his re-election to Lucille Kring. After he got walloped by Council-member Kring at the polls, it later came out that he was being investigated by the Feds, who determined that he failed to report tens of thousands that he received from Lorri Galloway’s Eli home. The Eli Home agreed to pay Chavez with a 1099 form instead of a W-2 for “consulting purposes” which resulted in a tax loss of $8,591.

With all this information, that has been well documented, several questions come to mind… Why did the Eli Home pay a sitting Council-member for “consulting”? What advise could he possibly dispel upon a shelter for Women and Children? I would hesitate to even TAKE MONEY from such a place, I mean, surely it can do better things with it. Then again, maybe I shouldn’t feel that way. Maybe it’s OK to funnel money through a Shelter so that you and people around you benefit financially.

After all that seems to be Council-member Galloway’s take on it. Not only does she draw a check from the place she founded, but her daughter does as well! Her daughter’s official title with the Eli Home is Director of Development, what that entails, I have no clue. Curious that such a role would exist, I mean isn’t the goal to not have to develop, but rather to downsize? Must be my crazy idealism. Did I forget to mention that Apart from Lorri running the place, and her daughter also having a role in the Home’s administration, Lorri’s husband sits on the Board of Directors, as Vice President! Seems like serious ethical lapses have found their way into this Shelter, clearly Chavez trying to cheat the Government out of money through the Eli Home was but one isolated incident… right?

I happen to know that Richard “The Tax Cheat” Chavez enjoys the OC blogosphere very much, and that he visits here regularly, so maybe he can settle my cantankerous mind and comment here on whether he’ll pop back out of his self-imposed exile to the aid of our favorite carpetbagger.

[ In case you were curious, looking at the picture and starting at 1 o’clock and going clockwise; that’s Carpetbagger Lorri Galloway, the now infamous Bill Taormina, Richard “The Tax Cheat” Chavez, Lorri’s Daughter, The cute as a button-but very misguided Daniel Lamb, and at 11 o’clock, some un-named women.

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  1. Publius
    February 9, 2010 at 10:04 pm

    How long will it be now, Steve, before Dan C. finds a flimsy excuse to squeeze you out of the blogpen?
    Maybe he’ll just try to post more boring Irvine crap to push it down the list before people read it.

  2. John Q. P. ("ocmartiniman")
    February 9, 2010 at 10:58 pm

    this is, sadly, the kind of tone and name calling that prevent a potential story from being a story, and downgrade it to politically motivated name calling.

    Try writing the story without the unnecessary name calling – you may have a valid story here, but it is hard to tell whether you are reporting facts or just name calling. you would feel right at home on the OJ Blog.

  3. Revan
    February 10, 2010 at 2:24 am

    I find it fascinating (and utterly sad) that nothing Mr. Perez stated is factually incorrect. Seems like Democrats can get absolutely no foothold in Anaheim the right way, that city needs to get broken up into wards.

  4. Dan Chmielewski
    February 10, 2010 at 8:54 am

    Congrats Steve on the most “Orange Juice” styled post I’ve ever seen here. Paying a W-2 is what salaried or hourly employees get; a 1099 is what consultants typically get. Your utter lack of understanding of how a organization works and compensates professionals for their work really comes through here.

    A director of development for a not-for-profit is someone who directs fundraising efforts Steve. But anyone over the age of 22 would probably have a clue.

  5. Steve Perez
    February 10, 2010 at 2:00 pm

    It seems, if your lashing out is any indicator, that Lorri’s ethical shortcomings are leaving a bad taste even in your mouth.

    I have no need to try to counter your statement with anything, you point out how oaf-ishly ignorant you are by using my age as some kind of negative point against me. Yeah I’m 21. I think that’s great!

    Go post about soccer games or something, where mean people don’t come after the Savior of the 4th, Lorri Galloway!

    • Dan Chmielewski
      February 10, 2010 at 7:55 pm

      And Steve, at 21 your inexperience in organizational dynamics shows. As far as ethics go, you have yet to point out anything here that’s unethical except in your own mind. Lorri beat you for Anaheim city council? Did you really expect voters to send a 19 or 20 year old kid to the council? It sounds like sour grapes to me.

      And there’s this statement:
      “Her daughter’s official title with the Eli Home is Director of Development, what that entails, I have no clue. Curious that such a role would exist, I mean isn’t the goal to not have to develop, but rather to downsize?”

      No, the role of development is to make sure funding continues to come in to serve the needs of the kids and adults who need Eli Home. I know you’re in college — take an organizational management class please.

      And Colony R. I am still perplexed by your promotion of Tom Daly; such ongoing support of a Democrat by a Conservative Blogger makes him susepct. Can I trust Tom Daly when so many Republicans are giving him so much love?

      Steve – I’m coaching the Irvine Girl’s sixth grade all-stars; we’ll probably have a game in Anaheim or Fullerton in March. Come watch.

      • Kevin
        February 10, 2010 at 10:06 pm

        such ongoing support of a Democrat by a Conservative Blogger makes him susepct. Can I trust Tom Daly when so many Republicans are giving him so much love?

        Golly, Dan, can you? Surely you haven’t forgotten that Lorri Galloway’s biggest blogger cheerleader during the SunCal debacle was Matthew Cunningham and Red County — and, of course, that Cunningham was the first blogger that Galloway chose to break the news of her Supervisorial run. Odd that she chose to go to him, rather than, say, The Liberal OC. (Don’t fret; I’m sure that it was just because your phone was busy that day …)

        It’s appropriate to reflect back on those days when Galloway and Cunningham walked hand-in-hand, as that whole SunCal mess has strong resonance with the themes that keep coming up around Galloway. Ethics questions coming up as she went to the wall to service the needs of one particular developer far beyond what was normal, and far more than the situation warranted. (And Galloway supporters taking pains to stress that all of her shilling for SunCal was legal, while sidestepping the question of whether it was ethical.) Rank hypocrisy as she wrapped the mantle of affordable-housing crusader around herself, even though she’d made multiple votes against affordable housing expansion in the Platinum Triangle. As a liberal Democrat who’d ordinarily be open to social-justice themes, I watched Lorri Galloway seriously for the first time and wondered if (at worst) she was on the take, or if she just (at best) was far more transparent and far less canny than she flattered herself to be.

        (And in the end, the episode provided an illustration of Lorri’s poor judgment, as the housing bubble popped and SunCal walked away from multiple projects, leaving cities holding the bag. That could’ve been us!)

        And frankly, I’m okay with Daly getting some Republican support, because it gives me hope that he’s somebody who can get things done. In the past, you’ve defended Lorri’s ineffectualness on the Anaheim City Council as the result of her being in the minority — but how are things going to get any better if she moves up to the BOS? If she does win, all I see is a future of Saint Lorri taking a series of martyred only-I-care-so-much stands on various issues as the Republicans vote around her.

  6. February 10, 2010 at 5:15 pm

    With all due apology to Bill T, whom I consider a friend…I think Steve has a point to make about the way Lorri runs her world. Does anyone else have problems with the fact that the daughter of a sitting Councilmember is employed to solicit donations from developers and public employees unions who have business and contracts before City Council? Or that the Councilmember herself draws a paycheck from those donations hefty enough to “loan” her campaign $100K?! And since when is it OK for a husband to sit on a Board that oversees the pay and performance of his wife on staff? This is NOT done with ethical charitable organizations, people. Wake up!

  7. Jeff
    February 10, 2010 at 9:06 pm

    I get the feeling you are just too prideful to admit that your horse is an unethical carpet bagger and a bad candidate. Steve wrote an inarticulate article and even more inarticulate comments. But the fact is, Lorri is a carpet bagger and a bad candidate who is drawing a paycheck from a nonprofit with her daughter on the payroll and her husband on the board. Too many items of conflict of interest. Whether they be real or percieved.

  8. Mathew Cunningham
    February 11, 2010 at 7:30 am


    Your post loses any effectiveness it may have had because your vitriol overwhelms any points you’re trying to make. You come off as a guy who hates Lorri Galloway, not someone raising questions about what she does.

    Even there, you ask loaded questions, but don’t seem to have tried to come up with any answers. You generate a lot of smoke, but don’t show where there is any fire.

    And Dan is absolutely right about the “Director of Development” title — it is a very common position in the non-profit world. That’s the person responsible for raising money and building a donor base.

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