Daly releases first round of endorsements for Supervisor

This came in the other day and burried in a pile of emails. Sorry for the delay posting.

Clerk Recorder Tom Daly

ANAHEIM, February 4, 2010 — Fourth District Supervisor candidate Clerk-Recorder Tom Daly released his initial list of endorsements from local elected officials today. 

“I am humbled to earn the support of so many respected local leaders,” said Daly. “As County Clerk-Recorder and former Mayor of Anaheim, I’ve built a reputation as a strong fiscal conservative and a problem-solver who delivers results. I will bring this common sense approach to the County Board of Supervisors.”

  • Fullerton City Councilwoman Pam Keller
  • Fullerton City Councilwoman Sharon Quirk
  • Buena Park Mayor Art Brown
  • Villa Park City Councilman Bill MacAloney
  • Anaheim Union High School District Board Member Jordan Brandman
  • Anaheim Union High School District Board Member Anna Piercy
  • Buena Park School District Board Member Jerry Kong
  • Rancho Santiago Community College Board Trustee John Hanna
  • North Orange County Community College Board Trustee Leonard Lahtinen
  • North Orange County Community College Board Trustee Michael Matsuda
  • North Orange County Community College Board Trustee Molly McClanahan
  • State Assemblyman Jose Solorio
  • State Senator John Lewis (Ret.)
  • Orange County Supervisor William G. Steiner (Ret.)
  • Orange County Auditor-Controller David Sundstrom
  • Orange County Transportation Authority Director (and Past Chair) Peter Buffa

  8 comments for “Daly releases first round of endorsements for Supervisor

  1. Greg Keuhn
    February 8, 2010 at 10:47 pm

    I asked the other day if Dan was still supporting Lorri Galaway but I didnt get an answer. So I am still curious if after the latest post about Lorri Galaway if Dan was still supporting her.

  2. Dan Chmielewski
    February 9, 2010 at 10:15 am

    Yes I am. I see no reason to change my support of Lorri Galloway

  3. Richard Chavez
    February 10, 2010 at 9:41 pm

    I as a former firefighter and Councilmember in Anaheim will never endorse Tom Daly.

    When I was the President of the Anaheim Firefighters Union, I had one conversation with Mayor Daly. In that conversation he told me that the homeless population living in motels should “be moved to Riverside somewhere”. He refused to talk about issues regarding the firefighters. At the time we had a lack of vital safety equipment in the fire stations, which led to the death of a young firefighter; Daly refused to even return my calls to discuss fixing the problem, or discuss any issues actually. Entry level firefighters were making $10.27 an hour, it took 4 years to resolve our contract under Daly, and it was settled only after an arbitrator ruled in our favor.

    Daly voted to close Anaheim’s only shelter for abuse children (Eli Home). The Anaheim Firefighters helped build the shelter. While the shelter had not had a single code violation, Daly sided with a small group that indicated the shelter “should be in Santa Ana”. The decision was heart breaking; the children and their mothers had no place to go, except perhaps back to the violence they had tried to escape. The Federal Government stepped in and overruled Daly’s decision, Anaheim was violating the rights of those children. The shelter is still open today – and saving children’s lives.

    Daly had made a priority out of privatizing city jobs. Under Daly’s leadership, more good paying jobs were outsourced than ever in the history of Anaheim (read the council minutes of Jan. 5, 1993).

    Daly supported bringing Walmart to Anaheim, and opposed a Latino oriented grocery story, Gigante. He had openly tried to get Gigante to open somewhere other than Anaheim, and then found a way to abstain from voting on the issue.

    On the issue of diversity, Daly’s history in Anaheim was abysmal. When I was elected I was appalled by the fact that under Daly only about six people of color had been appointed to Anaheim boards and commissions; of 250 plus positions! Worse yet, under Daly the Anaheim Police Department conducted covert investigations of Latino Community Leaders, including Amin David. Daly could have put a stop to it early; but didn’t. Again, the Federal Government found that Anaheim under Tom Daly was violating the rights of its citizens. The Federal Lawsuit was settled while I was in office.

    Tom Daly was a key witness for Anaheim in trying to save the Anaheim Angels team name; he negotiated the contract that allowed the name to be changed. When asked in court (I was there) about the intent of the contract language regarding the Anaheim name, he could not physically articulate an answer. He just stammered, and stuttered. He was Anaheim’s worse witness; it was embarrassing. The case was over at that point, and L.A. is still the name of the team that plays in Anaheim.

    The wreckage caused by Tom Daly is far greater than what I post here. The unfortunate truth is that most of the damage and pain caused was to those that needed him the most.

    Endorsing someone simply because of politics or a title, is simply wrong.

    • Steve Perez
      February 10, 2010 at 10:27 pm


      In that spiel where you praised the Eli Home, you forgot to mention that you were taking kickbacks from it. Don’t forget to give them props for that!

      We don’t need corrupt Democrats in Anaheim or anywhere else. It’s clear that all kinds of unethical behavior surround you and Lorri, and it’s such a shame that instead of focusing on progress, real Democrats here are going to have to air out our laundry.

      How you even dare to mention the Home when you tried to defraud the Government through it is beyond me. How Lorri even campaigns on her work there, when she and her daughter draw checks from the place, when her husband is on the board, is beyond understanding in my realm of acceptable behavior. Have fun supporting Lorri, lets see how much you can help her!

    • Christina
      February 11, 2010 at 9:35 am

      Steve no matter how you try to attack the Eli Home or Chavez, you can’t defend Daly’s bigotry against Latino’s and all that is important to real progressives.

      • February 11, 2010 at 10:17 am

        With due respect to Tom Daly here, the argument that Daly is anti-Latino holds as much water as Steve’s position that Galloway is anti-gay.

        There is nothing unethical about family members being involved in a not-for-profit organization and to expect all not-for-profits be completely volunteer is not realistic Steve. A number of unions have paid staff; so if its not ethical for someone to draw compensation from a not-for-profit, why is it OK for union professionals to draw a union paycheck. With so many Republicans, who were pro-Prop8 backing Daly, does this mean Daly is anti-gay. Of course not, but Steve is choosing to ignor this inconvenient fact.

        I’ll ask Steve again – If Galloway beat Daly, will he support the Democrat in the race or will he support one of the Republicans? If Daly beats Galloway, I’ll support him. But Lorri is, in my opinion, the stronger candidate.

    • February 11, 2010 at 10:13 pm

      Richard, as a convicted felon and failed one term Councilman, I find it hard to believe that anyone is ASKING for your endorsement….

  4. Paisa
    February 12, 2010 at 11:49 am

    As a Latina constituent of the Anaheim fourth district, I have taken notice that Daly has never reached out to the Latino community. Basically, how can Daly be an effective leader when he has no relationship with the Latino community? For example, 90% of all children in the Anaheim school district are Latino. Don’t continue to ignore the majority of the fourth district Daly, we can make or break you getting elected to fourth district.

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