Darth Norby goes to Sacramento where he’ll be irrelevant.

Darth NorbyFinally! Chris Norby, a.k.a. Darth Norby, is going to a place where he can do no harm.

Tuesday was his last Board Meeting day. And this morning he was sworn in by Republican Assembly leader Martin Garrick as the new representative for the 72nd Assembly District.

As a member of the minority party he will have far less of an adverse impact on our daily lives as he has had as an Orange County Supervisor.  Norby has drawn the short straw on office space, assigned to the smallest office in the legislature, affectionately called the “Dog House.” Anything he proposes will be most likely dead on arrival, and other than budget votes, which we can be confident he will vote no on, his presence in the Assembly will not even matter.

His office will not have a lot of room for him to stretch out and take one of his notorious and frequent daytime naps. I do believe he will have less difficulty napping on the Capitol grounds (it is a state park I think). There are plenty of shade trees for him to rest under. He should however look out for the squirrels. I hear they can get quite aggressive while looking for, or when they find, “nuts”.

On the bright side the people of the 72nd district probably won’t have to worry about Norby getting caught on a live microphone saying something inappropriate like his predecessor Mike (Spanky, Drippy, Eye-patch, or Open Mike) Duvall. His PTSD from the alleged spying on him by “the dark forces of Sheriff Hutchens” has made him wary enough to make sure there are no recording devices around if he wants to speak privately. I can imagine that he will demand daily bug sweeps of his office just to be sure.

You cannot win Darth. You are in the minority now, and not even the power of the Dark Side of the Force can save you now.