Major Change in Pensions for Sheriff’s Deputies in tentative contract agreement

Yesterday, The Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriff’s (AOCDS) announced that they had reached a tentative agreement on a new contract. The details of that agreement have been released today. There will be no pay increases or reductions included in the 3 year agreement wit a reopener on salary in October 2011. The Deputies have also agreed to the same overtime calculation provisions adopted by the Orange County Employees Association (OCEA) last year. Overtime will only be paid for hours actually workedover 40 in a work week, and hours worked over scheduled shift will be paid at the overtime rate of 1 ½.

The big news however is the change in pension benefits.

Current employees receiving the 3% @ 50 pension benefit will upon contract (MOU) will contribute 1.0% of pay towards their retirement benefits. Currently 100% of retirement contributions are picked up by the county. In October 2010, an additional contribution of 2.0% will be paid by AOCDS members (a total of 3.0%). In October 2011, members will contribute an additional 2.0% (for a total of 5.0%). For new employees there will be a new tier 3%@55 retirement formula and new employees will contribute 6.6%.

Under the agreement the county will increase it’s monthly contributions for medical benefits from $620 to $745 in February 2010; from $745 to $794 in January 2011; and from $794 to $845 in January 2012.

The AOCDS Negotiations Team has recommended that members approve the agreement. AOCDS members will vote on January 20, 2010.