Close Enough

Some of you know I coach a girl’s 5th and 6th grade basketball team in Irvine. My team is a great group of girl’s and about half the team has never played basketball before, so their are a lot of traveling violations; we practice pivoting a lot.  When one of them gets caught traveling, they look to me and my response is “yes, you walked to Tustin.”  Because Tustin is so close, the line can blur.  Our friends at the OC Register also seem to have a “close enough” perception of Tustin. 

This story in the Reg tracked the top stories in Tustin in 2009. And this item about a Miley Cyrus concert at Beckman High made the list.  Here’s the story:

The ‘Hannah Montana’ star performed live at the high school to surprise senior Alison Kaprielian of Tustin as part of an MTV contest honoring a student who had done charity work. Kaprielian spent the day with Miley Cyrus before being surprised by the concert at her school.

Kaprielian is the president and founder of the Pink Ribbon Club at Beckman, which raises awareness of breast cancer and money to combat the disease. She started the club when she was a junior. Her mother, Barbara Kaprielian, had the disease seven years ago

Thousands of people crammed into the school for the show, including Beckman students and fans chosen by MTV, as well as Tustin Unified School District staff.


There’s are a couple of small problems with this short story.  First, Beckman High is part of Tustin Unified, but not in Tustin.  It’s on Bryan Avenue in Irvine. And secondly, the concert given by Miley Cyrus was New Year’s Eve 2008 (but the coverage ran on New Year’s).  And while we can argue it’s “close enough,” one of my favorite expressions is “close only counts in horseshoes, handgrenades, and drive-in movies.”