Rick Warren does not want $1 million by midnight!

That’s right! Warren does not want his followers to donate $1 million by midnight tonight — he only wants $900,000. Whew!

Warren himself probably can’t afford to donate, since he supposedly takes no salary as preacher-in-chief at Saddleback Church. (What he gets instead is a six-figure “housing expense,” which is not subject to income tax! Nice work, if you can get it.) Apparently he has to eke out a meager Coto de Caza existence on his book royalties.

So, dear friends, we encourage you to give until it hurts! (To the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.)

  1 comment for “Rick Warren does not want $1 million by midnight!

  1. jose s.
    January 3, 2010 at 9:39 am

    must be nice to be able to panhandle for huge amounts of money legally and not have to pay a dime in taxes. what would little latino baby jesus have to say about this.

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