Prop 8’s Frank Schubert supports his sister, but not her right to marry

According to the Bay Area Reporter, the lesbian sister of Proposition 8 mastermind Frank Schubert has announced her candidacy for Sacramento County Superior Court judge. Schubert is the President of Orange County’s Schubert Flint Public Affairs.

Schubert acknowledges that his sister, Anne Marie Schubert, is part of a registered domestic partnership and is raising two children with her partner. He says he considers “them and their children to be part of my family, and I love them very much.”

The California Code of Judicial Ethics, which applies to both sitting judges and attorneys running for judicial office, does not allow statements about cases, controversies, or issues that could come before the courts. Citing this code, Anne Marie Schubert has refused requests to comment on the issue of same-sex marriage.

Frank Schubert supports his sister’s candidacy.

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  1. wtf
    January 2, 2010 at 3:05 pm

    Remove for a moment the issue of the political consultant who has financial greed where a moral compass ought to be… His sister is gay, obviously closeted, declining the opportunity to speak honestly about who she is and registering with a political party that continues to deny her and others like her any semblance of equality. If she can accept second class treatment and second class rights for herself, how can we possibly believe she would apply the law equally for others?

    Ms. Schubert is a second class citizen who compensates for being gay by being a conservative, denied the right to marriage by her own brother, denied the right to serve in the armed services by her nation, denied the right to work and live without fear of losing her job or being evicted by many states, still. She holds the same passport but lacks the same rights, a victim of her own willingness to hide who she is and accept her brother’s act of bigotry against her by maintaining a relationship with him.

    Frank worked for those opposed not only to same sex marriage, but to domestic partnerships as well. In fact, Andrew Pugno and prop 22 Pete Knight’s widow, gail, circulated a petition for a proposition to repeal domestic partnerships just a year before prop 8.

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