Politicians Behaving Badly OR Remember the Time

John Moorlach’s opposition to Janet Nguyen being made Board Chairperson has been the story of the week. Apparently he is upset with her alleged treatment of county workers, supposedly yelling and having meltdowns at them. You can read more about it HERE. If Moorlach is telling the truth, then the behavior Janet Nguyen engaged in is wrong. Of course this incident helped bring back some fun memories of elected officials completely losing it and going off, not just on employees, but on Union members and Democratic activists. The incident, which you can read about HERE has become the stuff and legend and was talked about for years, and is still talked about today.

Yup, THE MELTDOWN. Who Could forget. People ran outside to call other politicos on their cell phones just to gossip about the incident. When a certain elected official, who probably was stressed out, went overboard and yelled at a nice woman who was just trying to walk to the restroom. You can click on the link or read below the stuff of political lore.

Orange County Democratic Convention Part 2: The Meltdown
The second day of the biennial Orange County Democratic Convention began early for me. I arrived at 7:30 AM for the breakfast. The theme was “All Politics Is Local” with a focus on our Democratic local elected officials. Many City Councilmembers and a few School Board Members were on hand for a delicious breakfast of sausage, bacon, scrambled eggs, hash browns and toast. The coffee was strong but delicious. County Supervisor and State Senate candidate Lou Correa was the MC, and he did a great job. He even stated that no matter who the nominee is for the 34th District, we as a party need to give them our full support and keep the 34th Democratic. Good for you Lou!

The real entertainment took place when he began to call up the various local elected officials to briefly speak. Claudia Alvarez’ turn came, and the fireworks began. She started off fine, discussing her job in the Orange County District Attorney’s office. Then she began to discuss her challenge in getting elected to office, and it went down hill from there. She claimed she beat the wife of a member of the Republican Central Committee(former SA Councilman Tom Lutz), complaing that the Democratic Mayor of SA supporter the wife of the RCC member instead of her. Claudia went on to claim that Lutz(she never referred to him directly by his name) begged to be put on the Planning Commission and promised not to oppose Claudia. Claudia then went on to say that he did oppose her when he supported a “rabidly anti-union” candidate(the candidate was progressive Democrat Lynnette Verino). Claudia then went on to discuss how she tried to remove Lutz from the Planning Commission, claiming it is all a plot to get back on the Council when she is elected to the Assembly. She then ranted that she was abandoned by all her Democratic colleagues including one in the room right now(Solorio was present at the breakfast). She asked that all Democrats pack the Council Chambers after she is elected to demand her successor be a Democrat and stop “this Republican Central Committee member.”

Thats just the beginning. She went on to discuss One Broadway Plaza. She started by saying it was a great victory, even though it was opposed by people in this room.(Full Disclosure: I was actively opposed to the development) She made it a point to stare straight at my table. She went on that the people opposed to the development were NIMBY’s, hated Unions, and used fear tactics among immigrants. She even said “These people just don’t like stuff in their backyard.” At that point a UFCW member walked out in which Claudia berated her as she left the room saying “Yeah you go ahead and leave, thanks for your applause.” After yelling at them simply because they needed to get up in the middle of her speech to handle business, she continued that her opponents opposed to OBP had her investigated, tried to smear her and tried to tear her down, but that they were failures.

After completing her speech, a clearly embarassed Lou Correa tried to put a positive spin on it saying that we can all disagree but we all need to learn to discuss the differences in a civil matter. Well said Lou.

After the breakfast the talk for the rest of the day was about Alvarez’ speech, which quickly became known as “The Meltdown.” People would come up to me and say “I heard about the speech, wow.” Or when brought up among others at the breakfast, they began the account of the story with a shake of the head or a roll of the eyes. She definitely left a mark on the convention.


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  1. jose s.
    December 18, 2009 at 3:27 pm

    well claudio i will say this about you, you are consistant. consistantly bad. dont make me start praying again…..by the way this is a “mercy post” you’re welcome.

    • Dan Chmielewski
      December 21, 2009 at 9:04 am

      Jose —
      We get criticized for not going after Bad Democrats and, to be honst, there are a few on the Santa Ana city council who meet that criteria.

      Claudio –
      I see Art Pedroza has written a brief biography about youon OJoke; I also note, and its not to be unexpected, that there are a number of errors in what we in the reality-based community would call, the truth. PLease get that bio to Chris so he can post it here on our “About” page so readers can get the skinny from you directly.

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