You Can Make a Difference

  swcommctrOK, I know. At this time of year we’re all inundated constantly and everywhere with requests to donate food and/or toys to this or that worthy charity. And we do our best to help. Yes, I’m about to make yet another pitch. This one’s different. There’s an urgency.

The Southwest Community Center in Santa Ana has been serving people who have trouble making ends meet for more than 30 years. They serve breakfast and lunch daily to more than 200 people. This weekend is their big-deal Christmas party. But there’s a problem.

Last night a fire destroyed their facility and $50,000 of food and toys.

People showed up for breakfast today, not knowing about the fire. Read more here, if you like.

More importantly, if you can find it in your heart, please stop by the Orange County United Way at 18012 Mitchell Avenue South (link to map) in Irvine and donate what you can – food, toys or money.

With this gift you will actually be making a difference and not be offering merely another can of corn or plush doll. Here your gift, along with mine, actually matters.

Thank you.

(photo by Mark Boster at the LA Times)