Joe Lieberman’s Medicare (Non-)Proposal

Last September — yes, September of this year! — Joe Lieberman had a very different perspective on how Medicare might be part of the solution to get health care reform moving forward compared to his position of today. Have a look.


“When it came to Medicare I was very focused on a group — post 50, maybe more like post 55. People who have retired early, or unfortunately have been laid off early, who lose their health insurance and they’re too young to qualify for Medicare.

“What I was proposing was that they have an option to buy into Medicare early and again on the premise that that would be less expensive than the enormous cost. If you’re 55 or 60 and you’re without health insurance and you go in to try to buy it, because you’re older … you’re rated as a risk so you pay a lot of money.”

Today he’s telling everyone that Medicare’s not acceptable and he will filibuster if it’s still in the bill. It would seem he’s forgotten what he said three months ago. At this point, it ought to be clear that this man has no scruples.

In another bit of irony, the Connecticut for Lieberman Party is parting ways with Lieberman.


This ad is set to air in Connecticut and DC.

(h/t to the Plum Line and CBS News)