The Holiday Blues….

There’s a perception that the Holiday season brings about an increase in the suicide rates.  All this Merry-making can be a great cause of stress for many. Comedian Richard Jeni had a bit once about starting a car in a closed garage and sucking in the “brown wind of doom” while listening to a “Nothing But Loves Songs” radio station; yet he took his own life nearly two years ago.

But if you’re worried about friends or family members taking this time of year to off themselves, psychologists suggest the increased suicide rate during the Holidays is just a media myth.

Here’s a helpful column to separate fact from fiction on Holiday Blues.

General signs to watch for:

  • Changes in eating patterns, increased or decreased
  • Changes in sleeping patterns, increased or decreased
  • Feelings of hopelessness and helplessness
  • Lessened interest in activities, usually valued activities
  • Lessened energy and fatigue
  • The person is isolating himself or herself
  • Thoughts of suicide
  • General changes in behavior — not being themselves, for instance
  • Depressed mood.

So keep an eye out in general for this sort of behavior in loved ones; just know that it has nothing to do with the Holidays.