Truman Dinner Sold Out!

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

The 15th Annual Democratic Party of Orange County Harry S Truman Award Dinner will have a capacity crowd this Friday night, December 4th, at the Irvine Hilton. More than 550 guests will gather to honor Assemblyman Jose Solorio with the Harry S Tuman Award, Florice Orea Hoffman with the Samuel Gompers Award, and Marti Schrank with the Richard J. O’Neill Lifetime Achievement Award. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi will be on hand as the evening’s keynote speaker.

“We’re excited that so many local Democrats want to join us this year”, said DPOC Executive Director Melahat Rafiei. “With the troubled economy, it’s a testament to the growing Democratic presence in this county that so many people have made a conscious decision to invest in our local Party by attending this event.”

DPOC Chair, Frank Barbaro added that the strong turnout is also due to the fact that the Speaker of House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, will address the crowd as the evening’s keynote. Barbaro said, “We’re honored to have Speaker Pelosi join us and appreciate her traveling to Orange County to help promote this event and the Democratic Party of Orange County.”

Speaker Pelosi’s appearance in Orange County has not gone unnoticed by right-wing nuts like Orly Taitz and the Tea Party crowd. They are apparently planning a Tea Party to protest Pelosi’s visit. Martin Wisckol over at Total Buzz has the scoop on that here.

“I’m pleased that Speaker Pelosi’s visit to Orange County has sparked the interest of conservatives and the Tea Party activists. said Rafiei. Their protests only serve to highlight the fact that, with more than 514,000 registered Democrats, Orange County is no longer a one party place.”