Beth Krom on the Radio

4081-BethWeb150 Pat Lynch, editor-in-chief and host of “Speak Up” on recently interviewed Irvine’s Beth Krom, who, as most of you know, is running for Congress in the 48th District which is mostly Irvine.

Have a listen to the broadcast here.

From the article that accompanies the audio interview:

“An advocate for balanced planning, ensuring a sustainable future has been a consistent interest for Democrat Beth Krom.  She is considered to be a global thinker who works directly with her constituents and Beth sees the common threads that bind all people, advocating for the interests of seniors, children and working families.  Krom joins Speak Up! to talk about why she is running for California’s 48th Congressional District and how she believes that having a woman’s perspective will help her become elected and succeed once in office.”

Surf over here to donate, volunteer or learn more about the candidate who really should replace John Campbell in Congress and actually has a good chance of doing just that.