Message About Education from a sixth grader to President Obama

The following video was sent to us by Mike Matsuda, Trustee of the North Orange County Community College District. His son Ethan Matsuda is a pretty smart kid and Mike and his wife Susie have taught Ethan to speak his mind.

Eleven year old Ethan tells the president about the horrific cuts to public education and how going to war in Afghanistan will drain resources away from investing in America’s children. As Ethan says, “There’s nothing left to cut, Mr. President.”


  2 comments for “Message About Education from a sixth grader to President Obama

  1. Parent
    November 19, 2009 at 11:48 am

    First it was the poor kid who wouldn’t stand for the pledge until there was a national act mandating gay marriage and know this other young tape recorder expressing ‘his’ views.

    The Balloon Boy dad is just a piker compared to how you liberals love to exploit and expose your children for YOUR own political gain.

    I’m going to take a video of my son saying how doesn’t like to pay sales tax and maybe I can get on TV. He can be a media sensation.

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