If the Rumor Is True

AlAmezcua Another blog is reporting a rumor that attorney and businessman Al Amezcua, who recently announced his candidacy to unseat Miguel Pulido as mayor of Santa Ana, has engaged the services of political consultant Parke Skelton.

If the rumor turns out to be true, this is indeed good news for Amezcua, his supporters and Santa Ana. Though we’ve not seen one another in a few years, I know Mr. Skelton. I’ve volunteered on several campaigns he’s run earlier in his career.

Maybe he’s mellowed with time but here’s how I remember him. He’s a good leftie. He’s intelligent and capable. He takes no crap from anyone. He’s aggressive. He’s relentless. He hates to lose.

Previous Skelton campaigns include Antonio Villaraigosa, Hilda Solis and Karen Bass. Harold Myerson has called Skelton “possibly the most principled political consultant in the business.”

If indeed Skelton has signed on to Amezcua’s campaign, it signals that Amezcua is totally serious about winning and that the race will, at the least, be very, very interesting.

Stay tuned, at this point, it’s still merely a rumor.

Note to other blogger: Spelling does count. There’s an “E” at the end of Parke Skelton’s first name.

Photo Credit: Lou Delgado

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    See what happens when you fail to name your source?

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