Election Day Prediction Contest

It’s time for another Election Day Prediction thread.

vote-buttonOn Tuesday polls will be open from 7 am to 8 pm for the special election in the 72nd Assembly District.  If you’ve been following this race closely (or even if you haven’t), please list your predictions for the outcome.  There are five candidates.  In your comment include your forecast for:

Linda Ackerman (R)
Richard Faher (R)
John MacMurray (D)
Chris Norby (R)
Jane Rands (G)
and Turnout percentage (as a tie-breaker)

How it WORKS

The contest will be scored after election results are certified.  Using percentages to the single decimal place, entries will earn a point based on the difference with the actual result (for example, if you believe Rands will get 33.3% and she gets 29.0, you earn 4.3 points).  The winner will be the entry with the smallest number of total points.  Include your prediction of turnout (also as a percent of total registration).  This will be used in case of a tie in the initial contest.

Those Pesky RULES

You must include a valid email address with your comment.  One entry per person.  Comment must be left before polls close at 8 pm.


Winner will receive this LIMITED EDITION Liberal OC magnet – a nifty addition to any refrigerator, stove, or microwave!

If you like, include some commentary on the quality of campaigning in this election.

  2 comments for “Election Day Prediction Contest

  1. Steve Perez
    November 16, 2009 at 11:51 pm


    Chris Norb (R) 39.0%
    Linda Ack! (R) 29.0%
    J-Mac (D) 27.0%
    Richard FU (R) 3.0%
    Jane Rinds (G) 2.0%

    Voter Turnout Est. 47%

  2. Revan
    November 17, 2009 at 12:36 pm

    Chris Norby 39.9%
    Linda Ackerman 27.1%
    John MacMUrrey 25.9%
    Richard Faher 5.1%
    Jane Rinds 2%

    Voter Turnout 39%

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