Marriage Equality Groups Issue Statement on Tuesday’s Vote on Measure 1 in Maine

Yes on Equality,, and Restore Equality 2010 issued the following statement on Tuesday’s vote on Measure 1 in Maine:

The latest polling in Maine is trending in our favor and we are confident we will defeat Measure 1 next Tuesday.   A No on 1 victory in Maine will add to the momentum of support for marriage equality we are seeing across the country and we will ride that momentum to victory in California next year.

With the right ballot language, our polling shows solid support for marriage equality in California.  We believe, with the right campaign, we can win in 2010.

Should we lose in Maine we will redouble our efforts to win marriage equality in California next year.   On Wednesday it will be 12 months since we were stripped of our rights with the passage of Proposition 8.  We will wait no longer to gain back those rights.  Might it be more difficult to raise money for a campaign next year should we lose in Maine?   Possibly.  However, we cannot let the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) and its allies, who are willing to spend millions of dollars, defy campaign laws and twist the truth, to deny us our rights guaranteed under the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution – equal protection under the law.

NOM is attacking and misrepresenting LGBT families state-by-state, capitalizing on people’s fear as they go to ballot box and hurting all of us in the process. They must be stopped. We need the community and our allies to know that they have a choice to either let those attacks stand or to stand up for the equality we deserve.

If we see ourselves as free and equal people, then we need to act as free and equal people.  Victory is always possible.  Waiting is not an option.

Editior’s Note: Restore Equality 2010’s leadership includes seven Orange County activists: Katie Woodrick (North & West OC)  Harvey Liss (East of 57/55 fwys), Robin Lyons  (South OC), Misha Houser (statewide interim advisory group), and  Eugene Hedlund (supporting organization delegate, and founder of