Rep. Campbell Backs House Resolution Honoring Tea Baggers

Congressman John Campbell has lent his name to another important piece of legislation that has no impact on our daily lives or solves any of the big problems America faces, but does play to his conservative base fo teabaggers.

Campbell is one of the sponsors of House Resolution HR870 which is a non-binding resolution: “Expressing gratitude and appreciation to the individuals and families who participated in the Taxpayer March on Washington on September 12, 2009.  This would be the march where most of the 100,000 people marching, not 2 million has conservatives would have you believe, protested getting a federal tax cut under the Obama administration. 

Campbell’s name is included as a co-sponsor.  Again, this is a guy who’s co-sponsored a birther bill that only Orly Taitz would love (Campbell’s most important constituent) and voted for the bailout of the auto industry after taking in hundreds of thousands of dollars from that industry since being elected to Congress.  But once President Obama took office, any stimulus was henceforth “wasteful” spending.  But George W. Bush got a rubber stamp from Mr. Campbell.

Here’s what the resolution says:

Whereas, on September 12, 2009, hundreds of thousands of American patriots, who refuse to sit idly by as the Federal Government advances skyrocketing deficits, taxpayer-funded bailouts, pork-barrel projects, burdensome taxes, unaccountable policy czars, command-and-control energy policy, and a government takeover of health care, came to Washington, DC, to show their disapproval;

 Whereas individuals also wanted to convey their displeasure with the future tax increases that will be required to pay for deficit-financed spending;
 Whereas these individuals understand that the fundamental American principles of limited government and personal liberty are under direct assault;
 Whereas this dedicated group of freedom-loving Americans believe in open, accountable, responsible, constitutionally based government;
 Whereas hundreds of buses, multiple caravans of cars from across the country, and many individually chartered flights, as well as thousands of lone-traveling cars and trucks, brought these patriots to Washington, DC, solely for this event;
 Whereas these individuals endured considerable personal expense to get to the march, including transportation and lodging expenses, as well as lost wages in many instances;
 Whereas estimates of the number of people who peacefully marched from Freedom Plaza to the West Front of the U.S. Capitol on September 12, 2009, range as high as 1,700,000 marchers;
 Whereas all 50 States were represented in the march;
 Whereas this event is considered to be the largest ever gathering of fiscal conservatives in Washington, DC;
 Whereas special accolades are due to the grassroots citizens organizations across the country who helped individuals exercise their constitutionally protected First Amendment rights in the Nation’s capital; and
 Whereas when the current trends of government expansion and freedom retrenchment are reversed, it will be due in large part to the efforts of the hundreds of thousands who marched on Washington, DC, on September 12, 2009: Now, therefore, be it
 Resolved, That the House of Representatives expresses its gratitude and appreciation to the hundreds of thousands of people who marched on Washington, DC, on September 12, 2009, to show their love of liberty and their grievance with recent government actions.