OC Supes Wasting Time – AGAIN!


Yesterday’s Orange County Board of Supervisors meeting proved to be another example of why people who hate the idea of government should not be in a position to run government.

The meeting started off with one hell of a laugh. 4th District Supervisor Chris Norby was supposed to lead the Board in the Pledge of Allegiance but instead insisted on leading the Board in singing “God Bless America.”  Why do I think this was some kind of publicity stunt for his State Assembly campaign? You can watch the video of the meeting HERE.

But the highlight of the meeting was the amount of time the Board spent on debating an ordinance preventing future boards from implementing Project Labor Agreements (PLA) for county projects. The Board is already on record opposing PLA’s so their decision was a foregone conclusion. The irony of this ordinance is that it supposedly binds future Boards to a policy of the current Board and was introduced by 2nd District Supervisor John Moorlach. Isn’t it Moorlach who has led the expenditure of more than $2 million to overturn the previous action of a previous board regarding pension enhancements for Sheriff’s Deputies? Talk about your double standards.

Finally, Supervisor Bates proposed slashing the number of meetings the Board has to deal with the business they are elected to do, because it is too hard for her to keep track of all the material she has to review for County and OCTA Board meetings. After the long discussion, it looks like the may keep a similar schedule to the current year. But does Bates really think she should be paid full time for part time work?