Norby-Ackerman Grudge Match Sinks to Gutter in A.D. #72 Election Race

The disgusting slime fest continues between A.D. #72 Assembly seat Republican candidates Chris Norby, Orange County Supervisor, and Linda Ackerman, wife of former Assemblyman/Senator Dick Ackerman.

The special election to replace disgraced Republican Assemblyman Mike Duvall is set for November 17th. The sole Democratic candiate, middle school history teacher John MacMurray, has stayed above and out of the gutter-level fray.

In today’s mail, A.D. # 72 voters received the trashy direct mailer (pictured above) which smears Norby, fairly or unfairly, with a vicious streak rarely seen in even Orange County circles. The mailer is marked as having been sent by “Alliance for California’s Tomorrow, a California business coalition,” but few doubt that the Ackerman camp is behind this stunning piece.

(For the 411 on Norby’s recent direct mailer smacking Ackerman’s reputation, see Norby, Ackerman Carry On Duvall Tradition of Sleazy Republican Politics in A.D. #72 Special Election .)

Statements in the mailer, other than those depicted above, include:

  • “After CHRIS NORBY was found guilty of sexual harrassment, he never apologized to the woman he offended or to taxpayers after his bad behavior forced county taxpayers to foot the bill for his high-priced attorneys.”
  • “The Court of Appeals said Supervisor CHRIS NORBY’S actions ‘demonstrate rude, inappropriate, and offensive behavior,’ yet Norby claims that court cleared him of all wrong doing.”
  • “From official court testimony: ‘…Norby took Mokley by the arm, pulled her to his body, and asked, ‘Did you come here to lobby me?'”

  • “Chris Norby was fined $10,000 by the Fair Political Practice Commission.”
  • “Norby was caught illegaly using campaign funds for personal use.”
  • “Chris Norby voted to raise hs own pay by 25%.”

Republican candidates Chris Norby and Linda Ackerman certainly don’t sound like improvements over the politico they both seek to replace, former Assemblyman Mike “Family Values” Duvall who resigned about being caught talking smut into a hot mike about his sexual escapades with two energy industry lobbyists.

The November 17th special elections is still three weeks away. Unimaginable the hellacious depths Norby and Ackerman may yet take their seething vendetta.

  10 comments for “Norby-Ackerman Grudge Match Sinks to Gutter in A.D. #72 Election Race

  1. Revan
    October 29, 2009 at 12:28 am

    I’m thinking of putting up a Missing Persons sign. It would inquire as to the current where abouts of John MacMurray and it would urge any who have spotted him to please contact the Democrats of the 72nd.

  2. October 29, 2009 at 12:36 am


    John is out walking the district, knocking on doors, and talking to voters. He doesn’t have the money that Ackerman and Norby have, so he isn’t sitting on his ass hoping that negative mail will do the job for him.

  3. October 29, 2009 at 12:48 am

    Let’s see – 12,907 ballots are in. Thousands more are in the mail, or sealed and waiting to be mailed.
    And I have yet to see evidence of any activity from the Democrat. Is he running a “stealth” campaign?
    How are voters to know he’s the Democratic alternative if he refuses to TELL them? You can’t talk to all of them face to face!
    I’m a permanent absentee Democrat who votes in every election.
    Mail tally so far at my house – 3 Ackerman mailers, 4 Norby pieces, 2 for Ackerman from this Alliance group. NOTHING from J-Mac.
    On the phone, I’ve gotten two REALLY BAD automated calls from J-Mac and a live call from one of the unions on behalf of Norby.
    Looks like I’ll be voting for Faher. If he wins the primary, the GOP will not invest in his campaign for January. MacMurray might have a shot in the second election.
    PS – If Deborah White is going to write about Independent Expenditure mail, she should know that it cannot legally be controlled by a candidate. If she has evidence that there was collusion, she should notify the proper authorities.

  4. Deborah White
    October 29, 2009 at 7:43 am

    Domingo writes, “Looks like I’ll be voting for Faher.” How many direct mailer pieces have you received from or in support of Mr. Faher? How many phones call have you received from Mr. Faher?

    If none, then that is obviously not your basis for voting… so why pick on John MacMurray for you receiving no mailers from him?

    Re: Alliance for California’s Tomorrow, check out the Chris Norby-supporting “Friends for Fullerton’s Future” site. It has plenty to say about the use of this organization:

    I merely stated the obvious which is that “few doubt that the Ackerman camp is behind this stunning piece.”

  5. west side guy
    October 29, 2009 at 11:13 am

    Hackerman camp is putting out some viciously mean hit pieces on Norby, wonder if the Probolski-Mouzoon-Fleischman love triangle and their cronies down in South County understand they are helping to go after a sitting Sup, and everyone (even the other Sups and staff) is watching. Paybacks are a bitch…

  6. Revan
    October 29, 2009 at 1:15 pm

    He doesn’t have the money…that’s your rebuttal Chris? Well… MAYBE if he FUNDRAISES he would have some cash! He should be having a fundraiser a week to compete, but I haven’t heard of a single one. And then he spends money on things like campaign signs and bad robo-calls? His lack of effort is infuriating and is only serving to squander a golden opportunity.

    I see your point Domingo, I wonder why Deborah instead focuses on a play-on-words.

  7. Jim Benson
    October 29, 2009 at 5:30 pm

    He has been fund raising, asking for people to phone bank and seeking volunteers to go door to door.

    If you think he needs money then volunteer and have a fundraiser for him. Mail costs a lot.

  8. duplojohn
    October 29, 2009 at 8:40 pm

    the truth is: John is not an insider, and the OCDP would never support an unknown quantity.

    It’s a crying shame that someone like JohnMacMurray gets left behind, while the commttee are eating Ding Dongs and deciding which Obama shirts to buy.

    The leadership of the central comittee are to blame for this lost opportunity. PERIOD.

  9. Anonymous
    October 30, 2009 at 10:05 am

    Chris Norby only got sued for harrassment because an employee of the County was fired for violating county policies, being dishonest, and for harassing employees—and who chose to bring him into the case because he voted against her program’s budget. This ex-employee, among other things, arranged for a former neighbor to receive over $100,000 in County contracts and attempted to put her ex-boyfriend, and son of a major conservative operative, on a county contract without a bid process. Her actions were so potentially damaging to the County that CEO Office executives had no choice but to visit Sacramento in hopes that the State would not revoke the County’s funding. But, in the end, this all got tied into a harassment and whistleblower claim, instead of something that focused on real wrongdoing or a protection of the taxpayers and the services that they are supposed to receive from the County – and which the jury just ate up. It did not matter that rules were violated, laws were broken, etc. It only mattered on what Norby did or did not do, which nothign to do with the case, at all. This was just WRONG!

    This same former employee that went after Norby was sued herself by five former employees, and the County had no choice but to quietly settle the case with those former employees. The jury that voted against Norby contained disgruntled former County employees that did not like the way that Norby handled himself. They chose to believe the former employee’s story, not Norby’s. They also felt that more than a dozen County employees, and one elected official, were all lying about the accuser’s behavior and actions.

    In the end, the jury’s recommended award was set aside by the court, and the Court of Appeals upheld this decision, and even required the accuser to pay her own legal fees “in the interest of justice”. The county lost nothing. While the court of appeals had no choice but to respect the jury’s feelings on the matter, in the end, there was no harrassment!

    Why can’t the Ackerman campaign and its supporters focus on the issues that need to be solved in Sacramento: education, water, health care, etc.? Instead, this campaign is all about Mr. Norby. He’s not perfect, but he should be judged on his record, not some case that was largely botched by the County’s outside attorneys.

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