Chemerinsky to represent Capo teacher in appeal

Erwin Chemerinsky

Erwin Chemerinsky

From the Orange County Register:

UCI law dean Chemerinsky to represent teacher sued by student

Nationally renowned constitutional scholar Erwin Chemerinsky, dean of UC Irvine’s law school, will represent high school teacher James Corbett in appealing a federal court ruling that found Corbett violated a student’s First Amendment rights.

Corbett, who referred to Creationism as “religious, superstitious nonsense” during a fall 2007 classroom lecture, filed his appeal today with the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Chemerinsky was named in the filings as a member of Corbett’s new, four-person defense team. All of the attorneys will work on a pro bono basis.

“Dr. Corbett has rendered an extraordinary service to the Capistrano Unified School District and its students for many, many years,” said one of the attorneys, Craig Johnson, who works in Riverside, “and I think that it is a disservice to his record and his legacy to allow the current ruling on summary judgment to stand.”

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