Debbie Cook urges support for Beth Krom in CD-48

Dear Friend,

Last year, at nearly this exact moment, we had Dana Rohrabacher on the ropes. Although my opponent eventually won, we opened the door to future wins for progressive candidates in Orange County.

Although I have decided not to throw my hat into the ring again, I want to tell you about another great candidate, a woman who has a great record of environment al achievement.

Beth Krom fought side-by-side with me to stop dumping partially treated sewage into the oceans, and she was instrumental in making sure that the former airport at El Toro will be a Great Park instead of an airport we don’t need.

Beth Krom has served as Irvine Mayor and as a City Councilwoman. She’s now running for the 48th Congressional seat against Republican John Campbell in a district that has changed electorally and demographically. President Obama won this district, which has Irvine as its largest City and UC Irvine as its largest employer.

Beth has long been focused on ensuring a sustainable future for Irvine, recognized as one of America’s “greenest” cities. Beth was one of the first Mayors in the country to sign on to the U.S. Conference of Mayor’s Climate Protection Agreement and she believes that preserving and protecting our natural resources is essential if we are to remain a beautiful, attractive, vibrant and economically prosperous region.

Beth Krom has long been one of my heroes and I know that when you find out more about her you’ll want to support her too. Please visit her website and find out more about this inspiring leader.

I’ve donated to Beth and I hope you will give early and often to her campaign.


Debbie Cook

P.S. Please visit and donate to Beth now.