New Website Debuts: Grand “Old” Party Tries to be Hip

The Republicans, specifically the NRC, have launched a new branding initiative with a new website.  And party chairman Michael Steele has an uber-hip blog called What Up.  What Up indeed.

My favorite feature is the changing faces of the GOP which does it’s best to dress up the party as a sea of diversity.

Here’s what had to say:

It’s understandable that the Republicans want to get hip to this Internet thing. It’s universally acknowledged that Barack Obama’s social-network-savvy Web effort first steamrollered Hillary Clinton’s formidable but old-school political operation, then sledgehammered late Twitter adopter John McCain in the general election. Even now, anyone even tangentially involved in the campaign is claiming to be the Web guru who got Obama elected.”

The Gawker story also includes a copy of the GOP’s RFP for building the new website and choice comments that idiots msut have written the thing.  Read it here.