MacMurray Chances Improve with Energized DPOC Effort in A.D. 72 Contest

That North Orange Democrats Club meeting attendees last night unanimously endorsed John MacMurray’s candidacy for the vacated Assembly District #72 seat, which includes Fullerton, Placentia, Yorba Linda, and parts of Brea and La Habra, is no surprise.

And it’s no surprise that the California Democratic Party religiously sticks to its bureaucratic thicket of mind-numbing rules and regulations, no matter how expensive or nonsensical.

Yes, despite MacMurray being the sole candidate for the A.D. #72 Assembly seat, and despite a ringing NOC Democrats Club endorsement, the state party will still hold a formal Endorsement Caucus vote at which elected delegates from… you guessed it, Fullerton, Placentia, Yorba Linda, and parts of Brea and La Habra… will cast their lots whether or not to endorse Mr. MacMurray. (Of course they will. No doubt about it.)

Look for Region 16 of the California Democratic Party to hold the Endorsement Caucus on October 10, 2009, from 3 to 5 pm, at the I.B.E.W. Union Hall in Orange. All Democrats are invited to observe. Voting is limited to the 12 elected delegates, and any appointed delegates, to the state central committee from A.D. #72.

The pleasant surprise is that the Democratic Party of Orange County seems revved up to provide boots-on-the-ground support for MacMurray’s candidacy.

In attendance at the NOC Democrats Club meeting was Henry Vandemeir, new Political Director of the Democratic Party of Orange County as well as continuing President of the California Democratic Council.

I couldn’t help but notice that MacMurray and Vandemeir slipped out during the featured speaker, ostensibly for a one-on-one campaign strategy session. Vandemeir also announced plans for neighborhood canvassing for MacMurray’s candidacy, and presumably is working on other tactics to get the attention of A.D. #72 Democrats.

Democrats always face an uphill battle in gerrymandered A.D. #72 that pits the highly energized groups of Fullerton Democrats against Yorba Linda Republicans. This election will be no different, especially considering that the Registrar expects only 15% to 18% voter turnout.

But given that John MacMurray drew a respectable 45% of the vote when he ran against Mike Duvall for the A.D. #72 seat last November, and given the DPOC’s new hands-on attention to this election, the chances for Democrat victory are better than normal.

But let’s be honest: the battle will be tough, especially if MacMurray faces Republican Chris Norby, who has enormous name recognition as Orange County Supervisor.

Democrats will need to give their all to win this one. Ever the political optimist, I have great hope.

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