Lan Nguyen: Racial Harmonist

Kung Fu FightinGarden Grove Unified School Board Member and Van Tran acolyte Lan Quoc Nguyen is quoted by the Nguoi Viet Daily News as claiming that Caucasian, Black and Latino students fear going to school with Asian children, Vietnamese in particular, because they cannot compete. You can read R. Scott Moxley’s and The Bolsavik’s stories on this latest meltdown by a Van Tran acolyte. Another one, Andy Quach’s, political rise has hit a brick wall, literally.

It seems that Lan Nguyen has a history of making controversial and racially divisive statements. Moxley and Bolsavik point out that he would regularly go on Vietnamese radio and accuse Supervisor Janet Nguyen of being a communist. In the Vietnamese community, that is a fiery topic and considered a very harsh accusation to make. Take into consideration he is a Van Tran hack and their ongoing fued with Janet, it is not suprising they took that road. What is more disturbing is that this is not the first racial statements he has made. Go back to 2006 and once again, he stood in for Van Tran and Lynn Daucher by going on Vietnamese radio to promote Daucher and hammer Lou Correa.

VilliansLouLynn[1]I was first informed of this by a Vietnamese friend who is not involved in politics in any way, shape or form. They were disturbed at the tone the race for State Senate was taking though and told me some of the comments being made by Lan Nguyen. He was pimping a message of fear to the Vietnamese community, making claims that Lou Correa was a member of MEChA(he never was) and that if he wins, the Mexicans will takeover and will form a Communist government(that communist fear card again). The race card strategy of Van Tran was confirmed by a politically connected Vietnamese activist, who also informed me of what Lan Nguyen was pulling.

He did this on many occasions throughout 2006, as it became clear the Van Tran model was to paint the Mexican community as an enemy of the Vietnamese people. One has to wonder if this is what inspired Tan Nguyen to do the letter to naturalized citizen voters from Latin America. Did he hear the rhetoric being spewed by Lan, and not being as politically savvy as the Tran camp, sent the letter out. It was obvious the Mexican bashing was meant only for Vietnamese ears.

kimoanh2This latest comment only goes to show you the mentality of Van Tran and his followers. They are people who seem to look down on other ethnicities and cultures. Lan Nguyen is showing his true colors, and it is one of ethnocentrism. He showed this in 2006 and he is showing this now. People like Van Tran and his followers are the worst kind of politicos. This only demonstrates why Democrats need to do more to recruit good Vietnamese Democrats to run for office. We got a great one now at the GGUSD, Kim Oanh Nguyen-Lam. Maybe its time for her to form her own political circle of more racially tolerant Vietnamese electeds.

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  1. October 2, 2009 at 2:55 pm

    Oh Claudio, I’m sure this post will be used by our friends at OJ to brand you a Jannie no matter how legitimate the story is and no matter that other prominent reporters habve run with the story. But at least you haven’t written Janet any checks.

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