A.D. 72 Candidate John MacMurray Aims to Help Schools, Families

. John MacMurray, Democratic candidate for the unfilled Assembly District #72 seat, responded thoughtfully over the weekend to TheLiberalOC.com questions submitted to all Democrats in the special election which is set for November 17, 2009. (See below for MacMurray’s answers.)

Per the Orange County Registrar of Voters, seven candidates have thus far formalized interest in entering the race, although only four have paid filing fees and issued a Declaration of Candidacy:

  • Sharon Quirk (photo, right), Democrat, former Mayor of Fullerton

  • Jane Rands, Green, treasurer of the Orange County Green Party
  • John MacMurray (photo, left), Democrat, past candidate for Assembly District #72 seat
  • Chris Norby, Republican, former Orange County Supervisor

The Registrar’s deadline is October 5, 2009 for candidates to complete filing of their nomination documents.

The following are public school teacher John MacMurray’s smart responses to TheLiberalOC.com’s interview questions for this special election:

1. Why should a Democrat be elected to replace Mike Duvall in California’s 72nd Assembly District seat?

MacMurray – “Mike Duvall voted against nearly every measure to help education, the environment, and California families. He voted against:

  • Education:
    Cash for College Program (AB 1540)
    Safe Place to Learn Act (AB 394)
    Teacher Cadet Program (SB 44)

    College Textbook Transparency Act (AB 1548)

  • The Environment:
    Alternative and Renewable Fuel (AB 118)
    Fire Protection (AB 2447)
    Solar Hot Water and Efficiency Act (AB 1470)
    Fight polluters and protect the environment (AB 1960)

  • Working Families
    Domestic Violence Protection (SB 1356)
    Wage Discrimination (AB 435)
    Bereavement Leave (AB 549)
    Healthy Families, Healthy Workplaces Act (AB 2716)
    Foreclosure Relief (SB 1137)
    Homeowner Loan Protection (AB 2359) “

2. What do you view as key issues for the 72nd Assembly district?

MacMurray – “Access to a high quality education to prepare today’s students to be tomorrow’s responsible, productive adults.

Access to high quality jobs–where men and women can support their families and their purchasing power supports the communities.

Fiscal responsibility in Sacramento to produce a balanced and sustainable budget without excessive taxation levels but with an acceptable level of service. “

3. How would you differ from Mike Duvall on these key issues?

MacMurray – “Mike Duvall voted against nearly any effort to help California families without presenting any viable alternatives. I feel strongly that there is much that needs to be done and can be done, and will work to understand the problems and present viable solutions.”

4. As an Assemblyman, how do you plan to support public education?

MacMurray – “The 72nd AD contains 6 school districts with nearly 82,000 students in grades K-12, plus a community college with 20,000 more and a California State University with an additional 38,000.

“So at any one time nearly 140,000 public school students are relying on the resources of the 72nd AD to adequately prepare them for their future. The business community is relying on these resources to produce the high quality workforce and entrepreneurs that will be needed to keep our state and our country in a leadership role in the world markets.

“An educational system needs to be in tune with the world and aligned with the private sector job market. We need to strengthen existing partnerships with the private sector and explore new areas of mutual benefit.

“And like any enterprise, education cannot do its job well without adequate funding. We also need to explore new ideas for funding our education system so that we are not relying on a 19th century funding system to power a 21st century educational system. “

5. The 72nd district includes heavily-Republican Yorba Linda. Why should Republicans vote for you?

MacMurray – “Republicans have voted for us in 2006 and 2008 because they appreciate our views on fiscal responsibility, sensible environmental policies, and a respect for private enterprise.

“In 2006 we won 37.5% of the total vote–more than any Democrat since the 72nd AD was created– on a 32.2% Democratic registration base. In 2008 we won 45.2% of the vote on a 33.4% registration base. “

6. Why do you want to be a part of the California Assembly?

MacMurray – “The State of California is in a mess:

  • Our education system is trying to do more work for more students–and different balances of students–with fewer resources.

  • The high quality jobs–building cars, aircraft, and even spacecraft–are gone, and need to be replaced.
  • Californians are losing their homes at the rate of 1 foreclosure for every 165 homes.

“Something has to be done. I can either complain about it, or do something. I choose to do something.”

John MacMurray’s campaign website may be found at MacMurray4the 72nd.com. Democrat MacMurray is accepting contributions through Democratic candidate clearing house ActBlue.

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