Jon Stewart Moral Kombat: Taking On Values Voters

Last night, the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart took on the Values Voters Summit.

(h/t) Huffington Post:

Stewart first explored the irony of Bill O’Reilly accepting a media courage award at an event that bars the media, but quickly moved on to a speech given by Sen. Tom Coburn’s (R-Okla.) chief of staff. Michael Schwartz, a longtime conservative activist, spoke before the group about homosexuality and pornography, saying:

“…It is my observation that boys of [around 10] have less tolerance for homosexuality than just about any other class of people. They speak badly about homosexuality. And that’s because they don’t want to be that way. They don’t want to fall into it. And that’s a good instinct.”

Wasn’t Mike Duvall one of those “Family Values” Republicans?

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