Media Study Shows Republicans Can be Moved to Support Marriage Equality

Irvine, CA – An HCD Research study, using its Mediacurves website reveals that not only can Republican and Independent voters be moved by advertising supporting marriage equality, but may indicate that California voters will support civil marriage rights for all Californians.
The study, focusing on an initial ad produced by nationally acclaimed, was deemed effective by 83% of Democrats, 77% of Independents and 58% of Republicans. “Happiness” and “Inspiration” for both Democratic and Independent voters, were the most often reported reactions to the ad studied by HCD. Republicans reported feeling “Disturbed” (24%) with “Happiness” (20%) being a close second.  The complete study can be read here. 
TruthandHope, an organization with best in nation media credentials, may have developed the winning formula to moving voter sentiment in the state through persuasive, effective media results. These numbers possibly imply a fundamental shift in America’s view on same-sex couples and children,  and have a significant impact on the fight for marriage equality across the United States.
The first ad featuring Frank and Diane Reifsnyder sharing their joy about their grandchildren Milo and Kaylee being raised by their son and his husband, closes with Frank Sr., the Vietnam veteran saying, “it may not be the family we imagined, but it is the family we know and love.  We wouldn’t change it for anything.”  Frank Reifsnyder, Jr. & husband Jim, celebrated their 1 year wedding anniversary on June 17, 2009.
“The fact that 1 in 5 Republicans expressed happiness, and that the effectiveness rating over 50% with all three parties shows that we are on target with our message,” said Eugene Hedlund, founder and chair of  “Now it becomes our task to take this message to the airwaves, beginning in Maine where Frank Schubert is trying to take equality away from its citizens, just as he did here in California in 2008.” 
Frank Schubert, President of Schubert Flint Public Affairs, the firm which ran the Yes on 8 campaign in California in 2008.  Frank has claimed that his firm won in California “because we created superior advertising that defined the issues on our terms.”  
“I don’t disagree with his statement, however this is a new campaign and we are involved this time.” Hedlund says, “While we were collecting awards for our independent work to support Obama, I had to witness Frank Schubert being honored for denying people equality in my home state.  I vowed to go against them when equality returned to the ballot in California, because I believe our track record proves that we can frame the issue properly by simply telling real stories which connect with the viewer in an emotional way ultimately becoming irresistible. In the end these are family stories, human stories not an Us versus Them or a political football to be feared as Schubert would have it. But, since he has gone to Maine to fight against equality, I figured we would go there to uphold it.  And then beat him in California next.” 
Eugene Hedlund is Founder and Chair of TruthandHope.Org.  He also serves as CEO of DMedia Corporation a full service strategic media consulting firm with candidates for office in 2010 nationwide ranging from local to Gubernatorial. is an independent expenditure organization which both creates its own media campaigns as well as provides a platform for other grassroots organizations and individuals to have access for their work: Last year, the media firm took top honors at the prestigious Reed and Pollie Awards with wins for Best Presidential Television Ad of 2008, Best Independent Expenditure Television Ad of 2008, Best use of Contrast in a Presidential Ad and Best Overall Campaign

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