Essential Events for Orange County Environmentalists

An issue near and dear to Orange County liberals is thoughtfully caring for our environment, including preservation of open spaces; air and water quality; fighting encroachment and pollution caused by urban sprawl, oil fields, manufacturing processes, and the like; and, of course, inhibiting greenhouse gases that lead to global warming.

The California Democratic Party’s 2008 platform aptly states:

“The environment is the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat. Our world’s beauty and complexity – the elegance of its inter-connectedness – is a foundation of our inspiration, creativity and spirituality. California Democrats have led the way towards bi-partisan solutions to problems arising from our industrial society – resource extraction, waste disposal, and pollution – and their disparate impact on the poor, on ethnic minorities and on indigenous people. We will work to reverse the real and imminent threat of Global Warming and to protect our planet.”

Protecting our environment takes all of us, though. It’s a hands-on, all-hands-needed cause. Fortunately, Orange County boasts dozens of interesting opportunities monthly for liberals, and everyone, to make a profound difference on environmental causes. Consider attending these three upcoming events:

  • The Earthworks Club in Laguna Woods Village – Formed in 2007 by a Nobel Laureate resident, the Earthworks Club has a strong record of environmental project successes in their local neighborhood, including an Earthday 2008 event that attracted more than 300 attendees. The club’s September 22nd meeting will feature a speaker from the El Toro Water District who, hopefully, will address water shortages and rationing.

  • Huntington Beach Green Expo 2009 will be held next Saturday, September 26th, at the Huntington Beach Central Library. Festivities will include speakers, more than 80 “green” vendors, and fun activities for both kids and adults. The Expo will be a great chance to support green entrepreneneurs, and to incorporate more “green” thinking into your home.

  • The extraordinary Second Annual one earth/one dream Festival will be held on October 3rd and 4th in Laguna Beach at Lumberyard Mall. Organized by the Endangered Planet Foundation, this lavishly-supported event bills itself as the “West Coast’s Premier 2009 Environmental Festival, featuring Innovative Exhibits, Art, Environmental Awareness, Healthy Living, Films, Music and Notable Speakers.” one earth/one dream is is a must-attend for all Orange Countians who care about green living and the environment.