Greenhut Gas Moving to the Capitol

Well, Steven Greenhut has announced his departure as a full-time staff member for the Orange County Register. While the news has been floating around for more than a week, I figured I would wait to see what Steven would have to say before I wrote about his departure.

Jabbering Jabba the Greenhut

Steven Greenhut: I’m leaving … hold your applause
I’m heading to Sacramento, but don’t celebrate yet.

Steven Greenhut
Sr. editorial writer and columnist
The Orange County Register

Many readers, especially those who receive large public pensions, will no doubt be thrilled to hear the news. This is the penultimate column I’m writing for the Register as a staff member. I’m heading to the belly of the beast, Sacramento, to start a news bureau and investigative journalism project for a free-market think tank – Pacific Research Institute – as part of the “new wave” of journalistic endeavors sprouting up across the media horizon. You’ll still see my column in the Register on a somewhat regular basis, although it will have a more state-oriented focus. (Of course, as an outside writer, I’ll probably have to file columns that are a lot shorter than my usual, but that’s life outside the ivory tower!)

It is good to know that Steven will still be periodically writing for the Register. It just wouldn’t be the same around here without his consistent jabs at Democrats, and Republicans too.

The departure of Steven however brought to memory a post that our blog founder Mike Lawson had written back almost three years ago on November 28, 2006.

Join the OC Register Editorial Team

This post was written by Mike Lawson on November 28, 2006
Posted Under: Orange County – Local

Seasoned Reporters take notice because this type of opportunity rarely comes along, says the job posting that I accidentally stumbled upon this afternoon.

The Reg. is looking for a libertarian thinker who can consistently write distinctive, persuasive editorials for our daily newspaper and online opinion website in tune with our philosophy of (a) respect for the individual, (b) limited government, (c) free markets, and (d) free trade.

The job posting makes this position sound great, but it has long been rumored that Steve Greenhut takes Casual Fridays to a whole new level…so applicants beware!

bikeshorts Join the OC Register Editorial Team

Maybe Steven can use this picture as the promo image to launch his new venture? I am pretty sure mike wouldn’t mind.

At any rate, the blog team here at TheLiberalOC will miss the opportunity to spar with Steven over on Orange Punch on a regular basis. I guess that will make us more anxiously anticipate the arrival of his occasional commentary.

Good Luck Steven!

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  1. teacher4oc
    September 21, 2009 at 9:31 pm


    Wow, so it is true that Mr.Greenhate is going to that bastion of Libertarian nimwits, the Pacific Research Institute? Yes the same PRI whose thinktankers are frequent guests of Fox News and the hate mongering media who love to bash global warming, public schools and health care reform as creations of big bad government; and who by the way are funded by the likes of Exxon Mobil, Texaco, Philip Morris, PhRMA, and a host of other American businesses who uphold the conservative values of selfishness, greed, and gluttony.

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