Stand Up America PAC Targets “Controversial House Republicans” and John Campbell is on the List

Congressman John Campbell

Congressman John Campbell

Quick — what do “Mean Jean” Schmidt (R-OH), Michelle Bachman (R-MN), House whip Eric Cantor (R-VA) and Rep. John Campbell (R-Newport Beach) all have in common?  Ok, besides that they’re a little nuts with things like Obama’s Kenyan Birth Certificate.

All four made Politico’s list of controversial House Republicans considered vulnerable by a new PAC called Stand Up America, according to this story in


From the story: “The PAC is being run by Democratic consultant Aaron Ament, who worked on Hillary Clinton’s presidential team as an online adviser, and Mark Longabaugh, who headed an independent expenditure that helped defeat former GOP Rep. Marilyn Musgrave last year.

“Michele Bachmann questions the patriotism of the President and First Lady and advocates armed sedition against her own government; John Campbell introduces legislation to inflame “birther” crackpots; Eric Cantor intentionally misrepresents facts in House debate; and Jean Schmidt questions the patriotism a Vietnam veteran and fellow colleague in the House,”

“The words and actions of these members of Congress are outside the bounds of decent debate and we intend to stand up and defeat them at the ballot box.”

This is fantastic news for Irvine City Council member Beth Krom who is on track to raise more money in CD-48 than any previous Democratic challenger.

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  1. Ltpar
    September 18, 2009 at 10:40 pm

    I am certain this new Democratic PAC has struck fear into the hearts of the Republicans, they are targeting. In retrospect, they should have named their group “Lay Down America” because that is what they are promoting. The real “Stand Up Americans,” are the people who have been showing up at the protests throughout America, opposing the Democratic Party agenda on all fronts. The more the Democrats try and force down our throats, the higher the numbers of fed up Americans will cast their votes on election day, 2010. Who knows, we just may see the real “Stand Up Americans” take a big step in reclaiming their country. The rest will be finished in 2012.

    Now on the local front. While Beth Krom is a nice lady, she has been nothing but a rubber stamp for Larry Agran as long as she has been on the City Council. Anytime, Beth started to think for herself, Larry would slap her ears back and remind her how and who got her elected. She has voted consistently for bigger government, wasteful programs and closed door decision making. She has been the recipient of questionable political contributions from a developer in litigation with the City of Irvine. She has been part of the lack of leadership bunch at the Great Park, who not only has blown through a hundred million dollars with no results, but additionally been castigated by the Orange County Grand Jury for the application of corrupt power. Lastly, add in the non-support and alienation of the Police in America’s Safest City, by lumping the Cops into the same catagory as tree trimmers and street sweepers. I mean no disrespect to those fine employees, but the job they do cannot be compared with that of a Police Officer. Mrs Krom would be well served to resolve the issues with the Cops before trying to get elected to anything. She is likely to be having a lot more face time with them, picketing her events as the campaign moves forward.

    Bottom line, with the backlash against the Democrats coming, do you think for one minute Beth Krom has a chance of getting elected in a Republican District. Well, while it would be nice to get her out of Irvine, it isn’t going to happen and she will continue as part of the Agran Political Machine for the near future.

  2. Dan Chmielewski
    September 19, 2009 at 11:57 pm

    So much ground to cover in your response Pat, but the first thing I want to say is that your comment defining those marching in opposition to healthcare reform as “real Americans” offends me to the core. Pat, we are all “real Americans.” And 70 percent of us want healthcare reform — even Bill O’Reilly has come out in favor of a public option. Focus on the word “option.”

    Let me ask you Pat, those tens of thousands who marched in opposition to the war in Iraq, are they “real Americans ” in your eyes?

    Your comment about Beth thinking for herself and Larry slapping her back clearly tells me you don’t know either of them very well at all. No results at the Great Park? The design is done and its a plan that’s won awards. The Park will come, but I can never tell, Pat, if Christina Shea wants it built quickly or slowly since she seems to flip flop on that all the time.

    On the Grand Jury report, they recommended that the County BOS should want to take control of the park but acknowledged that Irvine owns the land. Do you really want the Park turned over to people who (still) want an airport? Bet you fell in love with that Lord Acton quote..anyone who reads comic books comes across it all the time. But I have to wonder Pat, did you even read the report or are you just parroting Ms. Shea here?

    Pat, you’ve misled our readers her about “questionable political contributions” from a developer. You LOST that court case and were late paying your share of the fine to the city for reimbursement of legal fees. The judge said your case had no merit, no matter what you say today, and since you didn’t appeal, you must have agreed. So please stop writing fiction.

    As far as the new contract with the Irvine PD goes, there are no salary cuts, no job cuts and we’re talking about freezing bonuses. Look up the definition of “bonus” as it applies to pay/salary, Pat. Irvine cops make an avergae of $118K; times are tough. They can go without bonuses until things are better. Shouldn’t you be more concerned with the flip flop on the vote about this where Shea and Choi sided with the council majority only to pander to the union? It takes more than a police force to make a city safe. It takes great schools, great neighbors and neighborhoods and a strong economy. Irvine has all that going for it.

    And yes I do think Beth Krom has a chance to win a seat in Congress. Barack Obama won CD-48 and No on Prop 8 passed muster in Irvine. The district is not as red as you think and John Campbell has no record to run on except for voting “no.” Sort of like Shea and Choi’s current terms on the city council.


  3. Ltpar
    September 21, 2009 at 1:29 am

    Dan, you can use all the crayons in the pack to color over the misactions and void of leadership of the Irvine City Council majority, but it still comes up red. I have known Larry Agran, seen him in action, and watched as his power grew for over thirty years. Despite you carrying his water for him, I still know Larry better than you do. One of these days, the twin sisters, Truth & Justice will finally visit Irvine. When that happens, well meaning people, like yourself will be standing there with a puzzled look on your face wondering what happened. While blowing off my comments, chalking them up to a sore looser and the rantings of an Obama labled right wing extremist, one day, the light will come on and you too will see the big picture. Enjoy your fantasy of visualizing Beth Krom in Congress, but you might have more fun at Disneyland. As far as Shea and Choi on the Council, their opposing the Agran Political Machine demonstrates integrity and courage to those of us who still believe in smaller, cost effective, honest and open government.

  4. September 21, 2009 at 9:20 am

    Tell you what Pat. Let’s look at the growth of population in Irvine since 2000 and then jibe this with the growth of city government jobs; Irvine is doing more with less.

    Want smaller government? We have it. Perhaps taxpayers would be better served if people like you, Shea and Choi weren’t suing when you don’t get your own way. But I can certainly undestand how you, Shea and Choi would equate tyranny with losing.

    Honesty and open government? Explain to me Shea and Choi’s vote with the council majority on the police contract in executive session only to change it to pander to the police union. There’s no integrity in that decision nor does it demonstrate a commitment to smaller government that you proclaim.

    And do not lecture me about honesty and integrity when you come here and make false claims regarding a court case you lost. You can’t revise history Pat. And the well-meaning people of Irvine are pleased enough with the council majority to keep sending them back to office every election since 2000.

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