Lorri Galloway Not the Best for Central OC

red-county-lorri-gallowayDan Chmielewski’s recent post has generated quite a bit of buzz. I would like to expand and give my view on this race. Although I do not live in the 4th District, many areas of this district are quite like Santa Ana and much if it even overlaps with the 47th Congressional and 34th Senate District. It is racially diverse, much of the population are blue collar workers and is a relative swing area when it comes to politics, with some areas leaning Democratic and others Republican. Obama carried the 4th District 51-46 percent in 2008.

LouCorreaMuch like other areas of Central Orange County, outside interests are once again invading our circle of the world, deciding they know what is best for us plebians and seeking to interfere where they don’t belong. I am glad Lorri Galloway has stood up to the Disney Empire the way she has, I commend her for the work she has done for Eli Home, which is honorable, but that does not qualify her to be Supervisor in the 4th District when she lives up in the Anaheim Hills.

One of my biggest pet peeves when I was on the Democratic Party Central Committee was interests from Anaheim Hills or South County coming into our neck of the woods and try to interfere with our candidates and our politics. One incident in particular was when progressive resources were taken out of Anaheim two weeks before the 2006 election to help with races where the outcome was clear. The result was Lou Correa having a closer than expected election and losing Anaheim by four points, Richard Chavez losing re-election by 200 votes to a right wing maniac and Jordan Brandman losing by 500 votes to more right wing maniacs. History has shown these outside interests have only made it worse for us and quite frankly, if they want to help out in Central OC, they need to listen to US, not the other way around.

laguna-beach-season3Now we have a Democrat who is from central OC, raised most of his life here, running for this seat and even served as Mayor of the city he grew up in . Naturally he should be the candidate we all rally around to get at least one seat on the Board of Supervisors. Instead, Lorri, who is only renting a vacant apartment to establish residency and is only willing to work but not live among the commoners. I have had enough of politicians, I don’t care what party, treating our area of OC like it is some sort of hacienda for their amusement. If they want to run in Central OC, they need to move to Central OC, they need to become part of the community they want to serve.

That is why I am supporting Tom Daly, the man has lived here for almost his entire life and is someone who has given so much to this community. He deserves to represent the community he was raised in. Lorri has done some positive work, but needs to either stay in the Hills, or come and join us here in the flatlands. She needs to act like an everyday resident of the 4th District and not some spoiled Veruca Salt from Anaheim Hills.

SHe also needs to stop spreading misleading rumors about her grudge matches with central OC Democrats like Daly veruca_saltand Lou Correa. We know her reasoning why she endorsed anti-Union candidate Lynn Daucher was full of it. She simply did not get money she wanted from the state and took out her anger on Lou Correa. Alot of her support is coming from interests outside Central OC, as it seems once again, South County and Hills interests are determined to decide what is best for us. We know what’s best for us and it isn’t Lorri Galloway and it definitely is not Shawn Nelson.

So my suggestion, listen to us Central OC denizens for once, and realize we need to elect one of our own to the Board of Supervisors. We need to elect Tom Daly, a man who understands the needs of the blue collar community because he has been here all his life.

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  1. September 16, 2009 at 5:32 pm

    Claudio — Tom Daly is a fine candidate on a number of fronts. He still hasn’t declared. He’s been slandered in comments on other blogs that he hasn’t addressed. Why on both counts?

    He’s more of a getalong Democrat than a fighter that Lorri Galloway is. I hear Tom has a good-sized warchest now, but let’s see how much dough he pulls in compared with Lorri in an apples-to-apples race. Hell, I think Lorri would kick his butt in a bare-knuckled brall in a ring and Lorri would go toe to toe with any of the remaining conservatives on the BOS dias.

    Let Daly stay in the clerk’s job.

  2. September 16, 2009 at 6:08 pm


    While I am not taking sides at this time it is important that I correct you. Tom Daly has declared. The filing period has yet to open so he really doesn’t need to do any more than he already has. Daly declared at his St. Patricks Day fundraiser earlier this year.

    He does not need to open a new campaign account because all contributions he receives are transferable without restriction to a 4th District campaign once the filing period opens next year.

  3. Daniel Lamb
    September 16, 2009 at 11:04 pm

    This post was divisive, manipulative and counterproductive…
    This is why, even as a liberal law student, I stick to Red County.
    This poster has NO class.
    First, you post during her fundraiser… which I think reveals malice forethought.
    Second, you cherry pick the same picture Disney and the OC Republican party used to slander Lorri in attack mail. This is sexist and just plain mean.
    Third, your use of imagery is disturbing and lacks any substance.
    Lastly, to try and tie Lorri to South County folk is confusing and silly. Further, what are you saying about people who live in these places. If you keep this rhetoric up Beth Krom will never get elected. I beg you to reconsider your approach for the good of all Orange County.

    Tom Daly represents the same sentiments you espouse here. This is Orange County Dinosaur politics. They have been around forever and have accomplished nothing of significance. It is time for new leadership.

    The good old boys are tired and useless, say adios to Lou, Tom and Claudio!

  4. Steve Perez
    September 16, 2009 at 11:56 pm

    Actually Daniel, this is a Anaheim Chamber of Commerce picture, they used it in their mailers against Lorri as well as their campaign signs. Honestly I kinda agree on it’s distastefulness, personally if reps have used it, I avoid it.

    Claudio- Your blog didn’t actually mention any political positions that Daly has that led you to support him. Do you know any of his positions?c I just ask this because as Clerk-Recorder he can and does weasel his way out of taking a stand on anything almost as quick as Brandman. I want issues not his electoral record!

  5. Publius
    September 17, 2009 at 12:06 am

    I’m starting to understand this.
    People are supposed to post only during times when it’s convenient for Daniel to look things over.
    And they should run the photos by him too. Why not let him edit the content while they’re at it.
    Krom will win or lose on her own merits. Linking that result to Claudio’s opinion of Galloway is non-sensical.
    A commenter with a shred of CLASS might disclose that he works for Lorri in one of his many comments.
    But I guess that’s too much to ask of Daniel.
    I hope law school teaches you the legal definition of slander (and residency). Clearly you refuse to understand the concepts of ethics and integrity.
    Enjoy your time over at Red County.

  6. Daniel Lamb
    September 17, 2009 at 12:27 am

    A) I am excited to be able to post something before bed…

    B) I do not work for Lorri, I am a very big fan though. If that did not come off, I apologize. You are right Pub, full disclosure!

  7. Claudio Gallegos
    September 17, 2009 at 8:01 am

    Wow Daniel, looks like I struck a nerve. Hate to break it to you but there is no good ole boys network run by me, Lou Correa and Tom Daly. And to call me a Dinosaur, I am still a Young Democrat. Now lets answer your accusations.

    First, I had no idea she had her fundraiser last night. In fact I was told of this at 5:55 pm, five minutes before it began and 50 minutes after my post went up.

    Second, I just picked the first picture I found on google images. How is it sexist though? Please don’t use the Sarah Palin tactic of claiming it is sexist to ever criticize a woman. I know Lorri likes sucking up to Republican women(just ask Daucher), but this is rediculous.

    Last, read my post carefully and don’t cherry pick the parts that are convenient to your point, there is a blog out there that does crap like that. If you want to act like them, go there. I mention HILLS and South County interests. I mention that because of a stunt some South County interests did that ended up screwing over Democratic candidates in Anaheim, including Lorri’s friend Richard Chavez.

    As for saying Daly has accomplished nothing, Daly helped mentor our wonderful Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez. Or does Lorri think she is a Dinosaur too, and plan to endorse Van Tran claiming Loretta dissed a child at the Eli Home, which seems to be the story she always falls back on when the truth is inconvenient.

    Last of all for my points, I thought Lou and Lorri made nice. Kind of harsh to have her boy turn around and call him tired and useless. With friends like that….

  8. Dan Chmielewski
    September 17, 2009 at 8:54 am

    Daly has declared? I stand corrected and will then note, really? He did. Wow. I googled his page and this is what I found. http://www.tomdalyforsupervisor.com/

    Inspiring isn’t it?

  9. Daniel Lamb
    September 17, 2009 at 9:39 am


    We are being ridiculous. Lets talk substance. Would you agree affordable housing is one of the, if not the, biggest issue facing Orange County?

    If so, How do you feel Daly compares to Galloway. In response please use actual facts.

    Then, when you answer that, maybe we can talk about corporate welfare and the legacy of debt Daly left for Anaheim after building Disneyland a parking lot that can be seen from space.

  10. Leo
    September 18, 2009 at 3:02 pm

    Claudio when it comes to Daly you need to do a little more homework; everything you’re going to read hear is public record. Chavez lost in Anaheim by 200 votes – true. The fact is that Tom Daly supported and endorsed conserative republican right wing nut case Bob Hernandez in that race. Hernandez had Daly’s photo all over his material in 2006 as well as in 2002; you think that may have been worth 200 votes. In 2008 he supported another conservative republican (Gail Eastman) over Galloway.

    Why won’t Daly support another Dem in Anaheim – the answer is simple. First of all Daly’s public policies are driven strickly by “how does this help me – Tom Daly”. Daly had repeatly ignored and even demeaned the city work force (a familiar issue here), Chavez was President of the Firefighters Union which had a bitter three year contract dispute with Anaheim and specifically Daly. Galloway as the Executive Director of a non-profit shelter program fought with Daly to keep Anaheim’s only emergency shelter for abused children open. Based on complaints from an elitist crowd filled with clear racial overtones that didn’t want the shelter in their neighborhood, Daly voted to shut it down. The shelter remained open only after the Feds filed a lawsuit against Anaheim for violating the rights of the children. But wait there’s more. The Feds also had to intervene when they found the City of Anaheim guilty of violating the civil rights of Latino activists (including Amin David) who had complained about police brutality – this too occured while “life long Anaheim resident” Daly served as Mayor.

    Galloway did endorse Daucher. Galloway as the E.D of the shelter for abused children had seeked assistance from her representatives in Sacramento to fix a broken child protection system here in OC. One that led to the starvation/abuse death of a baby in Anaheim in 2002. Dunn, Daucher and others were very supportive and were willing to advocate for needed change – Correa wasn’t.

    The bottom line; Daly may have made an annoucement of sorts that he is running for Supervisor but won’t. He doesn’t have the stomach to face the train full of true democrats coming his way that have had it with his non-support.

  11. Kevin
    September 18, 2009 at 6:05 pm

    Can one of the Galloway supporters please provide actual, concrete examples of how she’s provided leadership that’s resulted in real, right-here-right-now affordable housing? It’s certainly clear that she likes to talk about the issue, and she’s no shirker when it comes to showing up for photo ops, but it’s *not* at all clear to me that she’s provided real leadership beyond what any random chairwarmer might if substituted in her place on the Council.

    Sure, there’s the whole SunCal thing — but not only did that turn out to be an immense debacle, building it would have resulted in a *net loss* of affordable housing, replacing a mobile home park with luxury condos and a smattering of affordable units.

    Galloway was ‘disappointed’ that A-Town in the Platinum Triangle didn’t have an affordable housing component, but she still voted to approve it. (Similarly, Galloway voted against condo conversion for the Stadium Lofts apartment complex in the Triangle, but told the Register that “it’s not an issue of affordable housing”; rather, the developer brought up the idea of conversion too late in the process.)

    I’d be *particularly* interested in examples of Galloway advocating for affordable housing in Anaheim Hills or the Platinum Triangle. Whenever affordable projects are built, it seems like they’re almost always constructed in downtown or West Anaheim, because a) hey, aren’t all of the dirty poor people already living there?, and b) it keeps the poors away from rich people and shiny things. Despite Lorri’s friend-of-the-poor facade, it doesn’t seem like she’s really thinking any differently — but I’d love to be corrected. (During the whole SunCal brouhaha, Friends of Lorri got endless mileage out of the line that low-wage workers deserved housing near their jobs; surely AH or the Triangle have to have *some* low-wage jobs held by people who’d like to live nearby?)

  12. Nick
    September 19, 2009 at 8:10 am

    Is Tom Daly’s website http://www.tomdalyforsupervisor.com/ a joke or what?

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