Quang Pham Supported by Man Who Harbored Pedophile Priests

PhamAfter Van Tran’s attempt to obstruct a police investigation, I began to wonder, are the Republican candidates intentionally trying to help Loretta Sanchez win re-election. Not that she needed any help, but after the latest thing I learned, I am a little worried she is going to have to claim these missteps by her Republican challengers as in-kind contributions to her 2010 victories the way they keep screwing up.

The latest mis-step is by the other GOP challenger, Quang Pham, who recently held aaboutwlh fundraiser at the Pacific Club. The headliner was none other than General William Lyon, an Orange County developer and a protector of child molestors, which you can read Gustavo Arellano’s excellent expose’s HERE, HERE and HERE. Apparently William Lyon would hide pedophile priests in his many properties, helping them to evade the law, while Tom Fuentes and Bishop McFarland found new churches for the sick perverts. Lyon even helped Michael Harris, who molested students who trusted him, start a non-profit. Apparently Quang Pham feels this is the kind of company he wants to be around.

1011_no_partyWe all know Loretta Sanchez would never cavort with this sort of ilk and I am sure if Quang is her opponent, will expose his actions to the voting families of the 47th Congressional District. As for Quang, I know he may be a thorn in Van Tran’s side currently, but I refuse to sit back and give anyone a free pass when it comes to the Catholic Church abuse scandal. I call on Quang Pham to return any contributions from William Lyon and to denounce William Lyon’s actions with regards to hiding Michael Harris and any other pedophiles. I call on Quang Pham supporters to call him out for his lack of judgement and to encourage he denounce this. When it comes to this issue, we should not give any politician a free pass, no matter how if they are some hysteric’s flavor of the moment or not.  I invite Quang Pham to come here and address this issue and lack of judgement. I call on his supporters to denounce Quang Pham’s choice of supporters and financers.

In ending, I do wonder if bother Pham and Tran are trying to help Loretta win. Thanks, but she doesn’t need the help, she can do it without you guys obstructing police investigations or cavorting with pedophile apologists.

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  1. September 15, 2009 at 3:19 pm


    What a stretch! Pham is a good guy – a moderate Republican in a county full of Talibanis. So of course you rip him.

    What about Loretta cavorting with a married defense lobbyist? That sure seems like a no bueno to me!

    And as Pham pointed out at his recent fundraiser, the Sanchez sisters made history – they are the first sisters in Congress to both be investigated for ethics violations at the same time.

    And yes, Linda Sanchez married a lobbyist.

    I guess the Sanchez sisters, like Mike Duvall, really like to get cozy with lobbyists…

  2. September 16, 2009 at 9:52 am

    Art — this post is not about the Sanchez sisters, its about a congressional candidate who has yet to refute a supporter who protected Pedophile Priests. So Art, so you know, I won’t allow you to hijack this thread into something about the Sanchez sisters which has nothing to do with the thread at hand.

    But know you are doing two things here; you’re carrying water for a candidate who values money from a supporter who protects pedo priests and you are dismissive of Gustavo’s excellent reporting.

    Claudio hasn’t communicated with Janet Nguyen in several months. Do you actually do any reporting before you just post stuff? I guess not.

  3. September 16, 2009 at 12:31 pm

    Art — Hate to break it to you, but Janet Nguyen has zero influence on this blog. It would be a mistake to suggest that not supporting Hoa Van Tran meant full support for Janet Nguyen, even though she was probably the best of a bad lot of candidates for that race. Just like it woul dbe incoorect that opposing YOu for your city council race was support for Carlos Bustamante (even though he clearly got the Latino votes you were looking for in spite of Steve Rocco’s candidacy).

    It’s our hope a good Democratic candidate will step forward to knock her out in her next election.

    As stated previously, Claudio has had no communication with Janet Nguyen for several months. So for you to continue to refer to our bloggers as “Jannies” is laughable in light of your support for Ms. Nguyen’s previous two elections and the fact that your Jannie Report blogger Paul Lucas wrote her a check. Is he still a blogger for your site even though he’s written only one post, but then again, people like you and Paul who supported Janet with kind words and cash are not Jannies when those of us who neither supported her with kind words or cash are; so I guess a weekly column really means monthly?

    Up is down. Black is white. Rich is poor. But in your case, wrong is always right.

  4. Dan Chmielewski
    September 16, 2009 at 4:06 pm

    Claudio — Help me out here. I just read Art’s post about you on OJ and Sean Mill’s comments. Are you a Jannie or a Trannie? Cause they can’t seem to decide which one you are. Art suggests that Janet told you to write this “hit” piece on his boy but Sean suggests in doing so you’re helping Van Tran. And since you and Janet haven’t spoken in months, did she use telepathy to communicate her orders to you? And finally, does Art know the reason this post has moved to page 2 is because we added a whole bunch of new posts and ran out of room on page 1, or did the little squirrel fall asleep in the wheel in his head? I’m voting squirrel myself.

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